Best-of ’11

Favorite-of ’11:: Wake! Owl Wild Country EP

Unfortunately, music blogging has evolved from promoting the bands we love to an analytical activity that makes standard cybermetrics feel like casual bar room conversation. Ratings, pageviews, hypem rankings; all of these things are all well and good, but music isn’t a scientific measure. EPs and LPs aren’t built on coefficients and derivatives. They are [...]

Best-of ’11:: Bry Webb Provider

Many of the words that best describe Bry Webb’s solo record, Provider, have already been used. Humble. Freedom. Like the last precious U tile I need to complete the run of P, A, R, Q, E, and T, they’ve already been laid on the board and can’t be removed. It doesn’t much matter, as those [...]

Best-’of ’11:: Ox Tuco

This weekend, I read the internet from beginning to end (baby watch + the ebola virus will provide you endless hours to unearth every opinion out there). Much like music, there’s a lot of shit out there but I did stumble on an interesting post from LA based critic, David Greenwald. It’s nice to see [...]

Best-of ’11:: Each Other Taking Trips

Yesterday, my wife (and ultimately, the internet) shocked me by admitting she wasn’t a fan of the movie “Highlander.” Without question, I was slightly unsettled by the shocking dismissal of a sci-fi/action classic. I’ve watched that flick countless times, and one of the lines that I’ve quoted far too many times happens when Kurgan leaves [...]

Best-of ’11:: The Hidden Words Free Thyself from the Fetters of this World

The music of The Hidden Words is a spiritual awakening, but unlike most that read ancient texts and absorb the influence of great minds, these songs aren’t a call to action or a demand for change. These songs aren’t pontification from the pulpit or the fear inducing warming from a booming voice from the mountaintop. [...]

Best-of ’11:: Basketball Maw

If you’ve ever been to Vancouver and spent any time in Stanley Park or on any of the beaches, you’ve probably been forced to side step faux-rastafari, professional sack hackers and devil stick twirlers. God help you if you hang out too long after fireworks or any free concerts.   Thankfully, the tribal percussion and [...]

Best-of ’11:: Sandro Perri Impossible Spaces

Music fans — read bloggers/reviewers — often complain that the art of collection and creative expression are being forced out by the overpopulation of accessibility. The playing field is leveled and now everyone can hear any song, any record, and borrow from any influence at the speed of fiber optics.   In the past, hunting [...]

Best of ’11:: David Myles Into the Sun

I’m sure you will read endless quips about David Myles releasing his new record, Into the Sun, two months too late. Quick paragraphs about how the breezy, tropical melodies would be perfect for lazy days, bbqs and some sort of Utopian endless summer.   To be fair, if you only heard the Classified-produced single, “Simple [...]