Reviews:: Reuben Bullock Pulling Up Arrows

With the never-ending number of music blogs posting songs on the daily, I’m not sure if anyone cares “where” they first heard about an artist anymore. Hell, with aggregators and RSS feeds, I’m not sure most people even know, but it’s still a source of pride for any blogger traveling off the beaten path. Up [...]

Reviews:: Church of the Very Bright Lights Gang Crimes

It’s hard to fathom that such heavy subject matter could wash over you so warmly, but James Cullen (with support from Chris Riemer and Matt Flegel of Women fame) - aka Church of the Very Bright Lights - has taken the type of thoughts that triggers nightmares and crafted them into swaying, dreamlike melodies.   [...]

Quick Hitters:: The Dojo Workhorse

The Dojo Workhorse is the solo project of Dan Vacon, frontman of Calgary rock & roll heroes The Dudes. Now my feelings on The Dudes are well-documented: I like them. You might have your own feelings about The Dudes, but cast those aside because we’re talking about The Dojo Workhorse here. Specifically we’re talking about [...]

Quick Hitters:: Friendo

Today marks the start of Pop Explosion, so naturally a lot of our time and effort on the hill will be focused towards the influx of talent our city is seeing over the next 5 days. Chances are, if you are a music fan you are getting ready for the big Crystal Antlers show tonight [...]

Quick Hitters:: The Dudes

The Girl police are coming overcomb your hair and pretend you’re soberAndy lock the stash in the bottom drawer… …the woman fuzz are coming for usthey’re hardened by drawn-out divorces……averse to our verses, deplore the chorus- The Dudes, “Girl Police” Oh The Dudes, you’re great - don’t you ever change. I mean that. All smarm [...]