Canadian Hip Hop

Reviews:: Pigeon Hole - Age Like Astronauts

Oh hip hop, you lovable scamp, I was beginning to wonder if our two-decade plus love-affair might be starting to fade. Not surprising if the passion did dampen a bit, these things happen in a long relationship after all. But then we found something to light the flame again. It wasn’t something hokey like bedroom [...]

Quick Hitters:: Magnum K.I.

You can go ahead and call me Hannibal, because I love it when a plan comes together. Or rather, I love it when we get sent an album, and some random detail about the album makes me want to like it, then upon first listen, the album turns out to be a good one. In [...]

Quick Hitters:: Urbnet Underground Hip Hop Vol. 5

Is it safe to say that Urbnet is the best indie hip hop label in Canada? I think I’d have to say yes. Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly plenty of folks dedicated to the thankless task of producing solid hip hop here in this great big country of ours, but when you look [...]

The Leathers

Bam, suck on that! Considering the amount of music we’re sent, it seems funny that I almost never get the urge to post something based on cover art alone. But the notion of that cover above being associated to a hip hop album had my curiosity more than a little peaked. As it turns out, [...]

The Nope - Melba

Posting time is tight right now for yer man Naedoo, as I try to run the gauntlet between impending moves in real life and blog life (former: we’re building a new house, latter: we are moving this baby to WordPress as we speak), and so you can expect a steady diet of this here kind [...]

Quick Hitters:: Ambition and Uncle Fester

What makes a great mixtape in 2010? Don’t ask me, after all, I’ve spent years saying I don’t write about mixtapes here on the hill, which is, as you can see for yourself, patently false. I can tell you one thing though, if you’re trying to get me interested in your upcoming projects via mixtape, [...]

Old School Mondays:: African Heritage Month Edition

It’s February, which is Black History Month in North America, but here in Nova Scotia the official name is African Heritage Month, and so I figured it makes sense to use that title for this post. It’s a good fit for OSM, because not only are there plenty of awesome “conscious”, old school songs that [...]