Canadian Hip Hop

Reviews:: The Happy Unfortunate - No Time To Sleep

Considering the direction hip hop has taken - going from a place where “being a biter” was the most heinous of crimes, to a climate now where anyone who makes an impact at all will likely have an army of internet-mixtape wielding clones overnight - there’s certainly no shame in overtly acknowledging your influences, as [...]

Friday Fun:: Canadian Posse Cuts

Like any hip hop fan worth his salt, I love a good posse cut, and I was reminded of this while listening to the rugged new single from Canadian collective/group/crew/supergroup/Voltron Wolves, which consists of producer extraordinaire Bix along with MC’s D-Sisive, Ghettosocks, Muneshine and Timbuktu. I would hope that, if you’re here at the hill, [...]

Old School Tuesdays:: Ghetto Concept

With CBC Radio currently in the midst of a month-long celebration of Canadian hip hop (with an all-star showcase taking place on April 2nd in Toronto), I was looking for a Canadian act to feature in this week’s OSM. So Toronto’s Ghetto Concept fits the bill from that perspective, but they’re also a timely choice [...]

Reviews:: Birdapres - Catch An L

Someone recently referred to us as “get off my lawn/rap grandpa’s” or some such, and to be honest, I have no issue with that characterization. In fact I’ll wear that label proudly, and if need be I’ll rock some suspenders to keep my Cross Colors jeans hitched up to mid-chest level. I’ll never stop re-visiting, [...]

Friday Fun:: The Insane Chessboard

The Insane Chessboard is a a tribute to the one & only Wally Champ from Vancouver producer The Dirty Sample. It also happens to be a perfect little compliment to a Friday afternoon: slices of six Ghostface classics laced with soulful, Wu-approved beats and intertwined with a few Tony Stark/Ironman skits. It clocks in at [...]

Reviews:: Muneshine & Vinyl Frontiers - Larger Than Life

Larger Then Life is a new 8 song EP from Toronto (via Saskatoon) MC Muneshine (aka Rob Bakker) that features production from Dutch producers Vinyl Frontiers. It’s also damn good and likely the best Canadian hip hop release so far this year.   I’ve definitely been a fan of Muneshine’s work over the last few [...]