Friday Fun:: Renny Wilson - By and By

Friday Fun:: Renny Wilson – By and By

As a rule, I pretty much love blissed-out, hypnotic, sax-filled jams, so I was already going to enjoy “By and By”, the new single from Edmonton’s Renny Wilson, but throw in a sexy jeans & gyration-filled, self-shot video, and you can set the Friday Fun meter to 10+++. Renny (aka RenĂ©) Wilson has formerly released [...]

Reviews:: Brock Tyler You Can’t Keep The Sun Down EP

There are certain records that take on the characteristics of the room they were recorded, and grow as a result. The most obvious for me — The Trinity Session — became something magical thanks in part to the natural acoustics of Toronto’s Church of the Holy Trinity.   For Edmonton’s Brock Tyler, recording at Central [...]

Tour Dates:: Doug Hoyer & The Joe

We’re fans of Edmonton’s OLD UGLY Recording Co. here are the hill, but this likely shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who visits the site more than once a month. A Canadian based, somewhat obscure (for now!) recording and performing collective featuring a melange of folk, indie rock & hip hop? Yes please.   [...]

Friday Fun:: Mitchmatic - Two Weeks Off

I honestly have no idea why I haven’t posted on any of the hip hop coming out of the fantastically eclectic Edmonton, Alberta label/collective Old Ugly. I know of the label - in fact the Ack has posted on Doug Hoyer before, and I’m afraid we might have been contacted by someone in the Old [...]

Reviews:: Eamon McGrath Peace Maker

There are certain artists that can grab a guitar and transport you to a city you’ve never been. Springsteen, Fallon, Wilson; these are guys that can channel the mood, attitudes, and even the climate of their hometown so effortlessly that you feel like you grew up with them.   For some reason, there aren’t too [...]

Review:: The City Streets The Jazz Age

There’s something comforting about hearing a man’s life fall apart. The constant battle between unbridled optimism and epic setback is my favorite part of the human condition. Those life altering moments, not the drunken nights I spent with people I haven’t seen in years, are the one I hold closest. So when Rick Reid puts [...]

Reviews:: Tim Gilbertson Palisades

While reading Eric Weiner’s interesting search for happiness, The Geography of Bliss, I was consumed by the most casual mention of Francium (the least stable, naturally occurring element; BLAM, just used my Chem degree) and the perfect description often attached to the element.   “Vanishingly rare.”   Limited by it’s own stability - a half-life [...]

Reviews:: Falklands Bastille Day

A few months ago I made a casual mention of how my list of records to discuss on herohill was interrupted by a little known outfit from Edmonton by the name of Falklands. The young band had sent over a copy of their 7″ and the A side - Stephanie - was an inspired, energetic [...]