The Magic - Mr Hollywood (Sandro Perri Remix)

The Magic – Mr Hollywood (Sandro Perri Remix)

The Magic is a Guelph-based duo comprised of the brothers Gordon - Geordie and Evan. They make blissful, extremely catchy electronic pop music that makes me think good thoughts about Disco. They have a new album coming out next week on Half Machine records, and in preparation for it they’ve done something extremely wise in [...]

A Tribe Called Red

Let’s send some kudos to Fort Erie/Ottawa’s DJ Shub for winning the 2012 Red Bull Thre3style Canadian Finals here in Halifax this past weekend. Could I tell you exactly what the Thre3style is or exactly how you win it? No I could not, but I do know that 5 of the country’s best DJ’s (Shub, [...]

Fevers - Passion is Dead (Long Live Fashion)

I’ll say this about this new video from Ottawa’s Fevers, it certainly put some pep in my Monday afternoon step. I wasn’t familiar with this Ottawa five-piece that bill themselves as “purveyors of independent, electronic pop”, but if the rest of their output is as catchy as this tune - a perfect balance between waves [...]

Quick Hitters:: Circle Research

I went with some instrumental electronic music for yesterday’s post, and because that went so well, I thought I’d do the same today. Of course I base the assertion that yesterday’s post went well on nothing but my own opinion, but such is my right as the jerk writing this here post. Anyhoo, today’s post [...]

Quick Hitters:: Jenocide - Machines to Make Us Wet

Someone might want to get Alanis on the horn for this one, because not only would she no doubt feel some girl-power kinship with Jenocide, but it’s also somewhat ironic (nudge, nudge) that it’s my immaturity that makes me feel kind of like a creepy old man for enjoying Jenocide’s debut album Machines to Make [...]

Stingray of the Day:: Black Mold - Tetra Pack Heads

MP3:: Black Mold - Tetra Pack HeadsMYSPACE:: www.myspace.com/blackmoldmusic