Morgan MacDonald - Back to the Wilderness

Morgan MacDonald – Back to the Wilderness

Now I don’t want to make it sound like the main reason I’m posting on Halifax Singer-Songwriter Morgan MacDonald is that the submission email he sent us was pretty much note-perfect in relation to the cranky-pants submission manifesto we cobbled together a while back, but it certainly didn’t hurt. Either way, I’m glad Morgan took [...]

Cursed Arrows - Skin Behind The Shroud

Cursed Arrows – Skin Behind The Shroud

Time is a precious commodity these days, and so I’m afraid that records I’d normally like to post on are often getting lost in the shuffle. Case in point: Skin Behind The Shroud, the last release from Halifax-based duo Cursed Arrows. For some reason, I assumed we were caught up with the doings of Halifax-based [...]

Best-of ’10:: Mean Wind What Happens in Hingham Stays in Hingham

There was an interesting article on Pitchfork two days ago about the use of vintage images as cover art for a record, and the debate it sparks. While I’m sure the young men from Mean Wind could care less about the debate, the pink, purple and orange hues that date and cloud the image that [...]

Quick Hitters:: Bravestation 2010 EP

As yer man Bill Shakes once asked “what’s in a name?”. In the case of a record title, it can be used to convey a great many things. In the case of Bravestation’s new EP, the utilitarian-ly named 2010 EP, it seems to me that the band simply wanted to plant a flag in the [...]

Reviews:: Wildlife Strike Hard, Young Diamond EP

In most songs, going to the river results in someone’s bloody, untimely demise. For Toronto’s Wildlife however, the river is a place for freedom, escape, and rebirth. Over the thumping percussion, synths, guitars and yelpy vocals of “Stand in the Water”, the quintet surprises the listener with optimism instead of an apocalyptic or nihilistic view. [...]

Reviews:: Giant Hand Starting as People

When I first heard rumblings of the hyperbolic wave that Ottawa’s Kirk Ramsey - aka Giant Hand - was surfing to shore, I was surprised how hard it was to get into his songs. His story was compelling, a young man so inspired by “The Devil and Daniel Johnston” that he decided to learn guitar [...]

Reviews:: All Day Driver

This is going to shock you, but the hill’s selection process as to what gets posted and what remains hidden away in the cyber cupboard is not exactly scientific - the Ack and I hardly ever even discuss what we’re putting up, as a kind of unspoken mind-meld around who’s doing what has developed over [...]