Friday Fun

Friday Fun - Topanga

Friday Fun – Topanga

Guess what, Topanga are not American. Turns out they are from Toronto. Perhaps you already knew that, and why wouldn’t you? For the life of me I don’t know why I assumed these four fine gentlemen were from south of the border (they’ve actually been covered by the Ack on the hill before), perhaps it [...]

Friday Fun:: Glory Glory

Hey everyone, it’s the weekend and there is a lot of music going on in Halifax! I mean there is usually a lot of music in our fair city on a given weekend, but this weekend it seems like there’s an inordinate amount of great music. Don’t you think so?   Let’s recap: tonight there’s [...]

Friday Fun:: DJ Quik

Here’s a long-held herohill belief, that, unlike many such beliefs, is likely also held by a vast number of people: DJ Quik is awesome. I should just point you to Quik-authority Jeff Weiss for a much better version of this post, but no matter, I fell like bigging up Quik today, and so I shall. [...]

Friday Fun:: Germany Germany - Adventures

I don’t know what it is about Adventures, the new album from Germany Germany (aka Victoria’s Drew Harris), that qualifies it as Friday Fun material, but it’s what I want to post on and it seems to suit today’s mood rather well. We’re heading into a long-weekend, normally a cause for much rejoicing, but it [...]

Friday Fun:: Mitchmatic - Two Weeks Off

I honestly have no idea why I haven’t posted on any of the hip hop coming out of the fantastically eclectic Edmonton, Alberta label/collective Old Ugly. I know of the label - in fact the Ack has posted on Doug Hoyer before, and I’m afraid we might have been contacted by someone in the Old [...]

Friday Fun:: Canadian Posse Cuts

Like any hip hop fan worth his salt, I love a good posse cut, and I was reminded of this while listening to the rugged new single from Canadian collective/group/crew/supergroup/Voltron Wolves, which consists of producer extraordinaire Bix along with MC’s D-Sisive, Ghettosocks, Muneshine and Timbuktu. I would hope that, if you’re here at the hill, [...]