The Magic - Mr Hollywood (Sandro Perri Remix)

The Magic – Mr Hollywood (Sandro Perri Remix)

The Magic is a Guelph-based duo comprised of the brothers Gordon - Geordie and Evan. They make blissful, extremely catchy electronic pop music that makes me think good thoughts about Disco. They have a new album coming out next week on Half Machine records, and in preparation for it they’ve done something extremely wise in [...]


  Happy new year! I hope your 2012 is getting off to a fantastic start. Things have been slow around the hill, as we pretty much took a posting break over the festive season, but we’re slowly getting back into the swing of things. Slowly is indeed the key word there, because if you’ve read [...]

Me Fault ’10:: Common Grackle

I posted a Common Grackle video a couple months ago, and even then I said I should have already had a post up for the record. Oh well, when you post things as haphazardly as we tend to around here (I’ll lump the Ack in with me, even though I know he’s more on the [...]

Quick Hitters:: Burn Planetarium

I have to say, if, by some crazy and incredibly unlikely set of circumstances, I were forced to relocate back to Upper Canada, but this time to a city similar to Halifax, Guelph would likely be high on the list. Like Halifax, it’s a smallish university city that appears to have a vibrant local music [...]