Halifax Pop Explosion

Rain Over St. Ambrose – Truth For News

Last week I mentioned that HPX usually does a good job ensuring there is a wide variety of genres on offer during the festival, but never fear, the good ol’ rock & roll show doesn’t suffer because of it. And if it’s a raucous rock show you’re after, I’d suggest hitting the Olympic Hall this [...]

Glory Glory - You Need A Heart To Live

You know what, it’s a goddamn shame that the Ack moved to Upper Canada this summer, because I had my heart set on the two of us re-creating the modern dance-style routine from Glory Glory’s last video, You Need A Heart To Live, during their HPX 2012 performance. No matter, even without the visceral thrill [...]

Big John Bates - Amerkin

I know precisely nothing about Vancouver’s Big John Bates, other than the fact that this video for Amerkin is goddamn intense and kind of freaks me out a bit. It also makes me think BJB and his band would quite the spectacle live, and the fact that he’s got a bassist named Brandy Bones & [...]

HPX 2012:: One Week Away!

HPX 2012:: One Week Away!

Yes indeed the 20th Anniversary Edition of the Halifax Pop Explosion is but a mere week away from starting, and as you can plainly see via the use of an exclamation mark in the title of this post, this is exciting news. If you’re in Halifax and reading this, I have to assume you’re already [...]

HPX 2012:: 2 Weeks Away

HPX 2012:: 2 Weeks Away

Heads up everyone, but the 20th Anniversary Edition of the Halifax Pop Explosion is but a mere 2 weeks away. This nugget raises important questions. Firstly, do you have your tickets and/or wristband or what have you? If not, you’d better get on it. I’m assuming there are still plenty of tickets left, but the [...]

Friday Fun:: 20th Halifax Pop Explosion

Friday Fun:: 20th Halifax Pop Explosion

What? It’s the middle of September and we’ve yet to put up a post featuring all the acts from the 20th edition of the Halifax Pop Explosion in huge-chunk-of words format? Well, let’s remedy that right now. Ado, Adventure Club, Ain’t No Love, Al Tuck, Ambersand, Ambition, Amos the Transparent, Andie Bulman, Andrew Bush, Astral [...]

HPX ’11:: Day Three Jamz

  So we’re a couple days into HPX 2011, and because we haven’t been out yet, we’ll quote our favorite uber-drunk Gus’ patron “What’s up with the music guys, IS IT AWESOME?” That’s more of a rhetorical question really, we know most of the shows have probably been awesome. Not awesome: the rain. As per [...]

Thee Oh Sees - Carrion Crawler

If, by chance, you’re still thinking about your late night HPX plans for this eve, your best bet just might be clever Cali noise outfit Thee Oh Sees at Reflections at 1AM.

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MP3:: Thee Oh Sees - Carrion Crawler
WEB:: www.theeohsees.com

HPX ’11:: It’s On!

In the words of our old pal O’Shea Jackson: Once again it’s on. The 2011 Halifax Pop Explosion begins today, and with an openning day lineup that is bigger than ever, Halifax’s biggest annual music event is starting it’s 19th year with a vengenace.   Of course, in true hill-ian fashion, we’re both busier than [...]