Shop Local:: Heather Green Your Last War

Heather Green is a transplant, having left the sweet smells of the Pacific to find a home here in Canada’s Ocean playground. That being said, she’s engrained herself into the musical community, and the saltwater air is now a part of her sound. Well, that and maybe working with producer Daniel Ledwell and getting contributions [...]

Kalle Mattson - Water Falls

Young roots rocker(s) Kalle Mattson (the guy or band? I thought they were a band before, perhaps not now?) is/are back with a new EP entitled Lives In Between. If the catchy, earnest sounds on display on the first single “Water Falls” are any indication (bonus points as always for the horn-laced outro), Kalle Mattson is moving in a very good direction - regardless of his/their current form. Those in Halifax can catch the band at The Carleton on May 20th, and check the website for other dates.

MP3:: Kalle Mattson - Water Falls
Web:: www.kallemattson.com

Three Six Mafia vs. Dazz Band - Let It Stay Fly (Skratch Bastid Blend)

Ugh, have I ever mentioned that spring in Halifax is mighty god damn depressing? Well if I know you IRL, as the kids say, then surely you know I have, cause I love to bitch about it. Well we’re on our 3rd straight day of a rain & cool temperatures combo, so I could use a pick-me-up song. Here’s a dandy from the legendary Skratch Bastid which features some of the south’s finest flowing over Let It Whip (Whoomp!) from the fantastic Dazz Band. Catch SB on his upcoming Skratch Of All Trades mini-tour, which looks like it’s going to be pretty awesome.

MP3:: Three Six Mafia, Young Buck & 8 Ball & MJG vs Dazz Band - Let It Stay Fly (Skratch Bastid Blend)
Web:: www.skratchbastid.com

Shop Local:: Walrus Sisters

Shop Local:: Walrus Sisters

This past weekend, Record Store Day came and went (I now own a fantastic Justin Townes Earle 45, so it worked out for me), and even in the number of “exclusives” was far too limited for an event of such increasing popularity, it has spurred a solid new trend. Bands unable to afford vinyl (or [...]

Ria Mae - Under Your Skin

Perusing the ECMA results from this past weekend led to an to-too-familiar set of thoughts after reading that Halifax’s Ria Mae won Pop Recording of the year. These thoughts are something like “Uhhh, have we covered Ria Mae on the hill before? Surely we have. I think we have. We’ve meant to, so me must [...]

Shop Local:: Soho Ghetto

Shop Local:: Soho Ghetto

It’s almost too easy to overlook local bands with bigger expectations and accessible sounds. When you consider the lo-fi noise and punk scenes are booming and we’ve had the Celtic folk/bar room poet market cornered for years, it’s easy to see a ton of shows without ever hearing a note of music that seems destined [...]

Wordburglar - Rhyme O’ Clock f. More Or Les

Here’s your new favorite hip hop video, you’re welcome and that was easy. Well perhaps it’s not quite that easy, but take two of the funniest, lyrically nimble and most charismatic MC’s you could find, put them in a visually-pleasing, hijinks-filled video, and I’mma bring back the Parker Lewis reference for you, because you cannot [...]

Wintersleep - Resuscitate

I’m not sure there’s a Halifax band that has toured far-er or wide-er in the last 4 or 5 years than Wintersleep. Since 2007′s “Welcome To The Night Sky” led them to some rather impressive acclaim (Juno Award, Letterman appearance, Sir Paul opening slot), it seemed like every other week we were getting a tour [...]

Reviews:: Walrus Onetwotree

Having two sons, I see how brothers interact on a daily basis. Pushing and shoving, hugging and loving. These interactions start too early to be anything more than natural, inherited instinct. Walrus, a new experimental dream-pop act from Halifax, is the work of two brothers but those roughhouse moments are nowhere to be found. The [...]