Wordburglar - Rhyme O’ Clock f. More Or Les

Here’s your new favorite hip hop video, you’re welcome and that was easy. Well perhaps it’s not quite that easy, but take two of the funniest, lyrically nimble and most charismatic MC’s you could find, put them in a visually-pleasing, hijinks-filled video, and I’mma bring back the Parker Lewis reference for you, because you cannot [...]

Wintersleep - Resuscitate

Wintersleep – Resuscitate

I’m not sure there’s a Halifax band that has toured far-er or wide-er in the last 4 or 5 years than Wintersleep. Since 2007′s “Welcome To The Night Sky” led them to some rather impressive acclaim (Juno Award, Letterman appearance, Sir Paul opening slot), it seemed like every other week we were getting a tour [...]

Reviews:: Walrus Onetwotree

Reviews:: Walrus Onetwotree

Having two sons, I see how brothers interact on a daily basis. Pushing and shoving, hugging and loving. These interactions start too early to be anything more than natural, inherited instinct. Walrus, a new experimental dream-pop act from Halifax, is the work of two brothers but those roughhouse moments are nowhere to be found. The [...]

Cursed Arrows - Skin Behind The Shroud

Cursed Arrows – Skin Behind The Shroud

Time is a precious commodity these days, and so I’m afraid that records I’d normally like to post on are often getting lost in the shuffle. Case in point: Skin Behind The Shroud, the last release from Halifax-based duo Cursed Arrows. For some reason, I assumed we were caught up with the doings of Halifax-based [...]

Shop Local:: Virgil’s Girls

Shop Local:: Virgil’s Girls

A few weeks ago, I casually mentioned that the sound that blasts across the Bay of Fundy has slowing changed from post-Sloan anthems and fiddle jams to swampy, garage riffs and distorted pop. When you consider bands like Outtacontroller, Cousins, Dog Day, and Long Weekends you realize it’s an embarrassment of skuzzy, scrappy riches down [...]

Hey Ocean! - Big Blue Wave

Vancouver’s Hey Ocean! play the Seahorse tonight (with Aidan Knight), and if you’re looking to rock out with a cute band you could fill your boots at this show I’m thinking. Just look at this video for Big Blue Wave off their last EP: balloons, kids, young love, happy music times and Shad quietly reading [...]

The Extremities - Around the Corner f. Ambiton & Relic

The Extremities last record, Mint Condition, was really, really great, and now they’ve got a great video for one of the tracks off the album. Around the Corner, shot in Toronto by Caley MacLennan and Daniel Jardin, features Fresh Kils & Uncle Fester, along with guest MC’s Ambition & Relic out and about in Toronto. [...]

The Belle Comedians - The Weight You Hold

In Halifax and making plans for this evening? Why not hit Michael’s Bar & Grill to check out The Belle Comedians with Rain Over St. Ambrose and Dance Movie? I enjoyed their last EP, and we’ve talked in glowing terms about both ROSA and Dance Movie, so it seems like it would be a great [...]

Jay Mayne - That Man Goes

Here’s another video I enjoy, and one that’s perfect for low-key, late night viewing. It features Halifax (I know, Dartmouth) MC escaping to the abandoned textile factory near Windsor NS to indulge in the things he loves most: skating & chopping trees (that’s smoking the hydro, for those of you, like me, whose weed-related slang [...]