Deeper into Music:: Mike O’Neill Wild Lines + ticket giveaway

Deeper into Music:: Mike O’Neill Wild Lines + ticket giveaway

The concept is simple; when we fall in love with a record and cover it on herohill we reach out to the artist and ask for a song-by-song breakdown of their latest release, hoping to give the reader a window into the creative process. Whether it’s about the lyrics, the timing, the or finding the [...]

Sneak Peak:: Paper Beat Scissors Watch Me Go

I’m not sure there’s ever been a band we’ve covered on herohill that I wanted to see succeed more than Paper Beat Scissors. Sure, Tim is a gracious guy, and he’s worked hard to become a resident of this country and a fixture in the local scene, but I truly believe his songs deserve a [...]

David Myles - I Will Love You (Acoustic Version)

More Halifax-related Valentine goodness for you! Man, I’m not sure I’ve ever done a Valentine’s Day-related post before, but this is my second of the day. It can’t be helped though, as the excellent David Myles posted this acoustic version of I Will Love You pour gratis and I thought I’d share it. You can also send it along with a Valentine eCard type deal from his site, so if you’re in the VD gift lurch, you can thank Dave Myles for helping you out.

MP3:: David Myles - I Will Love You (Acoustic Version)
Web:: davidmyles.com

Jenn Grant - Baby’s Been Away

It’s Valentines Day on the internet! But what chance does a little schmaltz-filled pseudo-holiday have of making it here on “the web” - the most outwardly cynical and downright hostile place there is? Like any good underdog, Cupid will get by with a little help from his friends. And his friends in this case are [...]

Jon Epworth - Soothsayer

Well this bit of news has plenty of people in Halifax excited, so why not share it: Jon Epworth has a new album coming out at the end of the month. Failure Epics will be released in digital form on the 28th and on vinyl in March via Diminished Fifth Records.

The Epworth and D5R match seems an odd pairing at first, based on the label’s current heavy duty metal catalog, but the conceptual Failure Epics was “inspired by King Crimson and Yes as well as more modern metal acts like Meshuggah, Mastodon and Converge”, so I suppose it does make sense. Whatever the inspiration, I certainly enjoy the melodic cacophony of the album’s first single, Soothsayer, so it’ll be interesting to see what the whole shootin’ match has to offer.

MP3:: Jon Epworth - Soothsayer
WEB:: www.jonepworth.ca

Southern Shores Remixes

Southern Shores Remixes

I know pretty much nothing about Work Drugs, other than the assumption that mine would be more enjoyable if I had some. Same goes for Wintercoats - I know not of the musical variety, but am familiar with utilizing one to keep the cold at bay. But I know this: Southern Shores are awesome. And [...]