Contest:: Dog Day CD release party tix and disc

web site Dog Day made a pretty big splash with their 2007 Tomlab release, Night Group (review) and we’ve all been waiting anxiously for the follow up. Well, wait no longer friends as May 1st marks the official release party for the new record, Concentration. So, lets cut to the chase. We have two (2) [...]

Gooseberry Records:: Tributes to Eric’s Trip & The Superfriendz

myspace The good people at Gooseberry Records certainly know how to make a band feel good about their catalog. With successful tribute records for Thrush Hermit (review) and The Inbreds (review) already under their belt, they’ve proven that the new generation of East Coast rockers still holds the bands that shaped the scene in the [...]

Sunday Morning Coffee:: Paper Beat Scissors

myspace It seems no matter how often we preach to the masses, people still forget that Halifax is more than Celtic folk and slacker rock. Sure, both styles are well accounted for here in the city, but a blossoming, adventurous folk scene is just one of the many other communities strengthening its hold on the [...]

Friday Funbag:: Ruth Minnikin & Kelly Sloan

Last night I trooped on down to Gus’ Pub to check out Kelly Sloan‘s CD release show. Her record - Always Changes (review) - is a nicely polished, mature sounding country roots effort, and last night she took the stage with some (ok, a lot) of her friends. The songs came to life live -thanks [...]

Contests:: Win Joel Plaskett’s Three - Part Three

So, we’ve reach the final installment of our Joel Plaskett trivia/review effort for the release of Three. Remarkably, the third installment offers up yet another side of Joel, one with a more AM radio feel. The songs take on a more classic feel - avoiding the back beat and horns that push One and the [...]

Quick Hitters:: Kelly Sloan & Plushgun

Kelly Sloan - Always Changes || myspace Up until we reviewed Adam Puddington’s terrific LP, herohill thought of one thing and one thing only when it came to Almonte, Ontario. Although we may be terrible at it, it was a Canadian that invented basketball – Dr. James Naismith, not any of the Rautins clan despite [...]

Contest:: Win three signed copies of Joel Plaskett’s Three

******* When it comes to the East Coast music scene, I’m not sure there is going to be a bigger release - in scope and anticipation - than Joel Plaskett‘s new record Three. Twenty-seven songs full of classic Joel and the Emergency sounds, but chock-o-block full of surprises and bigger, bolder arrangements. At the end [...]

Reviews:: The Lodge Take That Devil

myspace Right now, hundreds of angry bloggers are collectively losing their shit because the hype machine is only posting the Top 100 blogs on the front page of the site. There are screams for equality and demands for a revolution. In reality, most of the people that visit herohill from hypem.com stay for exactly one [...]

Quick Hitters:: BIGIDEAS

myspace Considering the small size of Halifax West in the mid to late 90s, there are a surprising number of people we went to school with making a go of it musically. Obviously, the Thrush Hermit alumni are the most well known, but when you start looking at the some of the other artists (Ruth [...]