Joel Plaskett Emergency - You’re Mine

Joel Plaskett has done the impossible. Not only has he carved out a successful career for himself here in Halifax (yes, technically Dartmouth, I know this), something the rest of us find challenging at the best of times, but he’s done it in the most fickle of industries. Music is an uphill battle of a [...]

Your Samples Our Obsession

  Considering the overall vibe of Halifax isn’t at an all-time high currently (vacant storefronts, more venue closures, more people moving away, faltering economy, endless boondoggles from our municipal “leadership”), it’s nice to have a reminder that there are still plenty of creative people here in the city doing good things. Your Samples Our Obsession, [...]

Win a pink 7″ from Weekend Dads

Sure, the headline sounds like the creepiest, sexual predator Craigslist ad possible, but Halifax/Moncton pop punkers Weekend Dads are making some ear pleasing noise these days and we are more than happy to help them get the word out.   Their debut 7″ is out on It’s Alive Records and the four-songs will warm the [...]

Long Weekends Don’t Reach Out

When we last heard from Halifax’s Long Weekends, they were giving away a four-song EP that filtered their fun loving, hard driving garage hooks through a swampy filter with fantastic results. Since then, the trio has stormed the stages of Sappyfest and started to deliver on the hooky potential that slid through the ooze of [...]

Mike O’Neil - This Is Who I Am

Do we all treasure the great Mike O’Neil? I think we should. Therefore, let’s all buy his new album Wild Lines when it comes out next year, ok? The first single, This Is Who I Am, is awesome and might well convince you to buy his album regardless of my blathering.

Mike O’Neill - This Is Who I Am by thezuniormusiclabel
WEB:: mikeoneillmusic.com

Best-of ’11:: Rich Aucoin We’re All Dying To Live (Public Publication EP/Over The Top LP)

Originally, I wasn’t going to do anything with the debut LP from Halifax’s electro-pop star, Rich Aucoin. And when I say anything, I mean the record was on my desk for weeks and I hadn’t even pulled off the plastic wrap. It’s not that Rich isn’t talented, genuine or creative; the effort he puts into [...]

Reviews:: Old Man Luedecke & Lake Stew Sing All About It

New music from Old Man Luedecke is always welcome news in these parts. The banjo picker has charmed audiences all over the world, won a Juno award and even with all his success, Chris has never lost the humility that makes him such an inviting performer. Sure, he has “hits” like “Quit My Job” and [...]

Quick Hitters:: Writers’ Strike - Stay Down

Hopefully you read the Ack’s post on Ox’s new record Tuco, not least because it’s a great record, but also because the Ack’s intro was a great bit of self-affirmation regarding the aims of this here site. The second big point he mentioned, “championing a band” struck a chord with me, because it’s something I [...]