Sanctums is a two man operation out of Calgary comprised of Dan Solo and Evangelos Typist. They describe themselves as a “ambient/downtempo project” and they recently released a self-titled album that is ” inspired by our common love for classical music, film soundtracks, hip hop, & various other elements of beat culture”. I’m not sure [...]

Tor - Glass & Stone

Ever since we heard his rather impressive re-working of Sufjan Stevens’ material into the backing tracks for some of our favorite old school jams, we’ve always had a lot of time for Vancouver-based producer Tor. We’ve posted a couple of his tracks already, but now there’s news that Tor’s proper debut album is on the [...]

mikedecline - Calmmunicate

Let me say this, if there’s a Juno for “Best Instrumental Hip Hop Album with a Name That Kind of Sounds Like a Word But Isn’t Actually a Word, I Don’t Think”, Vancouver-based producer mikedecline would be a two-time winner by now. I loved his last album, Umbrellatons and after being through it a few [...]

News:: New Track from TOR

I had a feeling you needed something to cap off your Friday, and so here it is: a beautiful new track from Vancouver producer TOR. I’ll let him fill you in on the details: My sound is influenced by artists such as Bonobo, early DJ shadow, Emancipator and Kno of Cunninlynguists, and Aperture is a [...]

Quick Hitters:: Kuato

  Chances are, if you’re from Halifax, and you name your new band after a beloved Total Recall character, I’m going to listen to what it is you have on offer. It certainly helps if the person that reaches out to us about said new band also happens to be in one of my favorite [...]

AstroLogical - Living Fossils

  I’ve got just a real quick one for you today as we wait for the hill to be released from it’s Google-imposed purgatory. AstroLogical is the nom-de-knob-twiddle of Nate Drobner, a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Vancouver. The other day we were sent a link to his recent album, Living Fossils, and it’s coming in [...]

Quick Hitters:: Circle Research

I went with some instrumental electronic music for yesterday’s post, and because that went so well, I thought I’d do the same today. Of course I base the assertion that yesterday’s post went well on nothing but my own opinion, but such is my right as the jerk writing this here post. Anyhoo, today’s post [...]

Above The Clouds - Cognitive Dissonance

For the past few days, I’ve been racked with the kind of strength-sapping stomach virus that makes remembering my own name a chore, but I’ve had to punch-drunkenly slug away at my job - the one that pays the bills I wish writing this kind of thing would. To aid in that task, I’ve needed [...]