Glory Glory - You Need A Heart To Live

You know what, it’s a goddamn shame that the Ack moved to Upper Canada this summer, because I had my heart set on the two of us re-creating the modern dance-style routine from Glory Glory’s last video, You Need A Heart To Live, during their HPX 2012 performance. No matter, even without the visceral thrill [...]

HPX 2012:: One Week Away!

Yes indeed the 20th Anniversary Edition of the Halifax Pop Explosion is but a mere week away from starting, and as you can plainly see via the use of an exclamation mark in the title of this post, this is exciting news. If you’re in Halifax and reading this, I have to assume you’re already [...]

Friday Fun:: 20th Halifax Pop Explosion

What? It’s the middle of September and we’ve yet to put up a post featuring all the acts from the 20th edition of the Halifax Pop Explosion in huge-chunk-of words format? Well, let’s remedy that right now. Ado, Adventure Club, Ain’t No Love, Al Tuck, Ambersand, Ambition, Amos the Transparent, Andie Bulman, Andrew Bush, Astral [...]

Christina Martin - Falling For You

Here’s how the Ack started his review for Christina Martin’s last album: It’s hard not to like Christina Martin. She’s charming, attractive, genuinely seems to appreciate her fans and the tradition that spawned her music, and she’s put in the kilometres needed to build a fan base. After being enchanted and entertained by this here [...]

Great Lake Swimmers - Easy Come Easy Go

Heeeeey, did you know Great Lake Swimmers are playing Halifax next month? Well they are, and you like them, so you should go. They are playing the Spatz/Kevin Smith Memorial Theatre with Julie Doiron, who you also like, A LOT, so why wouldn’t you go? They are also playing many other places in the next [...]

Halifax Jazz Fest ’12:: Charles Bradley

Perhaps you’ve noticed things are kind of a one man show around here over the last week or so - I’ve been trying to hold down the fort here on the hill as the Ack and his family complete their move to Upper Canada. It’s a bummer that they had to go - of course [...]

Halifax Jazz Fest ’12:: Clogs & Paper Beat Scissors

Whether for the Pop Explosion, In the Dead of Winter, or some other occasion, we’ve regularly espoused the virtues of Church shows here at the hill. That being the case, why should the 2012 version of the Halifax Jazz Fest be any different? Tonight, you can catch two of the more beautiful acts on the [...]

The Belle Comedians - The Weight You Hold

The Belle Comedians – The Weight You Hold

In Halifax and making plans for this evening? Why not hit Michael’s Bar & Grill to check out The Belle Comedians with Rain Over St. Ambrose and Dance Movie? I enjoyed their last EP, and we’ve talked in glowing terms about both ROSA and Dance Movie, so it seems like it would be a great [...]

News:: Halifax Jazzfest!

In the immortal words of Kamaal Ibn John Fareed, Jazz, (We’ve Got). In fact, starting this weekend, we shall have all of the Jazz. The 25th Anniversary edition of the Halifax Jazzfest kicks off this weekend, and does so in fine style. Not only will there be a Jazz-party cruise featuring much-loved Halifax klezmer-funketeers Gypsophilia [...]

Contest:: 2011 Sappyfest Passes

  Ok, get in the car, we’re going to Sappyfest! Well not just yet actually, as the 6th edition of everyone’s new favorite festival isn’t taking place until July 29-31, but thanks to the good folks at Sappy, we have two festival passes to give away. Scroll to the bottom very bottom right now for [...]