Jordan Klassen - Go To Me

Wednesday night I saw Jordan Klassen, the person and the sprawling seven-piece band, take the stage at The Carleton and deliver a delightful set. The highlight was the Shins-ready “Go To Me”, the single that dominates the Kindness EP. Money back guarantee: This jam will make your day off even more enjoyable. Web::

Reviews:: John Southworth & Andrew Downing Easterween

The passion to create has driven John Southworth for the last sixteen years, resulting in a steady collection of peculiar, quirky, fascinating and often brilliant songs. Considering that in today’s world records that would have sold 500 copies a few years ago don’t even cover production costs these day, John’s creativity is truly an exercise [...]

Contest:: Win The Shins Port of Morrow on Vinyl

Contest:: Win The Shins Port of Morrow on Vinyl

Today, we are going to flood the market with contests. That’s right, we are giving it away faster than Tiffany Amber Thiessen on 90210. Do people that read blogs even get that reference? Wait. There’s a new 90210? What the shit? Anyway. I’ve had a long lasting love affair with The Shins, dating back to [...]

Reviews:: Walrus Onetwotree

Reviews:: Walrus Onetwotree

Having two sons, I see how brothers interact on a daily basis. Pushing and shoving, hugging and loving. These interactions start too early to be anything more than natural, inherited instinct. Walrus, a new experimental dream-pop act from Halifax, is the work of two brothers but those roughhouse moments are nowhere to be found. The [...]

Reviews:: Jos. Fortin Typewriter

There’s been a chill in the air these last few days so reluctantly, I’ve trudged out to the wood pile to grab logs to keep the embers burning. It’s unwelcome at this time of year, but there’s something reassuring and inviting about the crackle of twigs and the slow rise of flames as the room [...]

Reviews:: Zachary Lucky Saskatchewan

There’s a loneliness that dominates Zachary Lucky‘s arrangements. Zachary’s latest EP, Saskatchewan, offers the contented sadness that develops on days where you are left with nothing to do except watch the odometer turn. Sure, these songs might be a love letter to the province he calls home, but there’s more at play here. Lucky uses [...]

Shop Local:: Virgil’s Girls

A few weeks ago, I casually mentioned that the sound that blasts across the Bay of Fundy has slowing changed from post-Sloan anthems and fiddle jams to swampy, garage riffs and distorted pop. When you consider bands like Outtacontroller, Cousins, Dog Day, and Long Weekends you realize it’s an embarrassment of skuzzy, scrappy riches down [...]

Reviews:: A. David MacKinnon The Past is a Foreign Country

David MacKinnon spent previous years constructing songs in a much more literal method than most artists. His melodies bellowed from instruments that had been soldered, hammered, fused and taped. They clanked and rattled with with raw energy that was only contained by the boundaries of plastic and vinyl hosts. Now, MacKinnon uses a more conventional [...]

Reviews:: Hermetic Civilized City

If we’re being honest, most of the ’90s should be stricken from the record with one of those Men In Black memory removal devices… including Men in Black. Cross Colors, Hypercolor, Chumbawamba and the Bronson Pinchot/Jonathon Lipnicki vehicle, Meego? Just a few of the endless cultural failures we were forced to endure. What we can [...]