Cuff The Duke:: I Hear You Calling (Bill Fay)

Cuff the Duke is prepping for the release of Morning Comes in the US. Fans of CtD know they rarely take the foot off the gas, but to celebrate the launch they hammered out an EP of covers and we’re happy to have the Canadian premier of “I Hear You Calling.” Wayne Petty connected with [...]

The Head and the Heart - River and Roads

God damn, this song is a punisher. So stripped down it’s barely alive; the opening moments are little more than connected tissues and bones, supporting a dying heart that needs a charge. People are leaving, moving on, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. This song, written by The Head and the Heart, [...]

Reviews:: K. Stebner’s Cold Water

It’s no secret that making money from music is a failed venture. Even the biggest bands in the world are stuck grinding from city to city, dreading the inevitable ding from an increasingly fickle 15-minute timer. For artists like Kevin Stebner, a man making music for an incredibly small subset of the few people left [...]

Sneak Peak:: Slow Down, Molasses Remix EP

With apologies to Frank Yang’s twitter slogan, I think the new fre-EP from Slow Down, Molasses should pique your interest. For anyone unfamiliar with the band the Saskatchewan collective, just know they write songs that hit with the drama and intensity of post-rock, but still offers the tenderness of the music more often played on [...]

Reuben Bullock - Man Made Lakes

It’s fitting that Calgary’s Reuben Bullock describes his state of mind, and musical perspective, as simply going where the river takes him. In a time when most folk/roots acts feel as natural as salmon fishing in the Yemen, Bullock lets go of any expectations and floats with the current. Bullock is a self-admitted work in [...]

Favorites-of ’12:: The Just Barelys Mad Bits

A few years ago, I tried to pressure The Just Barelys to put out a new record with an incessant amount of myspace queries (when that was actually still a thing) and blog posts. Jesus, if Twitter was half as popular as it is today or kickstarter existed, #justbarelyspleaserecord would have been trending daily and [...]

Favorites-of ’12:: Kathleen Edwards Voyageur

Favorites-of ’12:: Kathleen Edwards Voyageur

Over time, pressure creates cracks in the foundation and fragments any stability of almost any structure, but when magical conditions are met, that same pressure can create diamonds. There is a weight resting on the shoulders of Kathleen Edwards, a microscope focused in on every cell of her being. Whether it’s her limitless potential, her [...]