New Brunswick

Quick Hitters:: Penny Blacks - Harbour

If you’re a regular hill reader, you likely already know that we think The Company House is one of Halifax’s finest venues, and as such, it’s the perfect place to hear Jason Ogden (under the Penny Blacks moniker) perform songs from his new album Harbour. Luckily this is exactly what will happen tonight, as Jason [...]

Contest:: Win 2tix to see Pat LePoidevin perform Highway Houses

Pat LePoidevin’s songs travel in buses and breezes, picking up pollen, dust, dirt and crushed bugs along the way. Modern forensics could probably trace his journey, deconstructing the composition of each note to determine its place of origin.   LePoidevin relocated from the comforts of his Sackville NB home to creative tundra of Dawson City [...]

Quick Hitters:: Kites Overhead In the Shadow of the Mountain

Stumbling on a small, one man band like Kites Overhead is kind of why writing a blog is worthwhile. For every 50 PR mass-mail we get filled with sounds-like and buzz words, we probably get one or two honest submissions from artists like Gene Kondusky. Gene didn’t try to lure us in with cliches or [...]

Quick Hitters:: Slate Pacific - The Safe Passage Remix EP

It’s kind of fun when the artist says this kind of thing about one of their own projects: The Slate Pacific Remix EP is an absurd idea that somehow works. It’s even funner when they’re right. I reviewed this Fredericton outfit’s last EP, Safe Passage, almost a year ago, and if you were to ask [...]

Reviews:: koAk - In the Sun

As the indie music scene gets more and more flooded with with lo-fi, sun kissed melodies, it becomes harder and harder to remember that rough bedroom recordings have been a way of life for artists long before chill-wave or bro-fi became the flavor of the week. Those lo-fi recordings weren’t done to mask limitations; they [...]

Reviews:: Corey Isenor Frost

Back in the winter of 2008, I humbled up and finally made mention of a young NB artist named Corey Isenor. His debut record - Young Squire - was a solid collection of indie folk that felt like the work of an artist with a solid back catalog and years of gigging under his belt [...]

Video Hits:: Share - KC (Live in a field)

I’m sure everyone really loves hearing tremendously un-qualified ramblers such as myself discuss the artistic blood, sweat & tears of others at length, but in my opinion it’s always far better to get insight on something direct from the artist. That’s why we’re pleased to bring you Share’s breezy live performance video of KC from [...]