Old School Mondays

OSM:: Monie Love - It’s a Shame (My Sister)

Old School Mondays makes a return appearance with this Monie Love classic for a couple reasons. I heard it twice randomly in a couple days over the weekend, once in a coffee shop and once via the shuffle here at my house. As anyone who has heard it knows it’s a groovy, amazingly catchy tune, [...]

Two Kings In A Cipher - Movin’ On ‘Em

Two Kings In A Cipher  Movin On Em

Watching the dunk & errant oopfest that is the NBA All-Star game last night go tme thinking about posting a basketball-related jam for this week’s Old School Monday jam. Well the first one I thought of might confuse most folks, as the song itself isn’t hoops-related at all, but the video for Two Kings In [...]

D-Sisive - Ghetto Bastard

D-Sisive  Ghetto Bastard

Well it seems I’ve arrived at Monday’s end without posting my tradition Old School Hip Hop jam (well, I’d traditionally been doing multi-song OSM posts for years, but for various reasons I’ve recently switched this to one old school jam per Monday. Here’s to new traditions!), but D-Sisive’s going to save my bacon this time around.

D recently got word of his 3rd Juno nomination, for Jonestown 2, along with Classified, Drake, Kardinal, and Swollen Members. Well as you might expect, this called for a celebration, and D celebrated in the studio creating a couple tracks with Muneshine behind the boards. One of those songs is a hijacking of Naughty By Nature’s Ghetto Bastard. Why, you ask? Simple: “Ghetto Bastard is one of my favourite songs of all time. Naughty By Nature is one of my favourite groups.” Works for me.

MP3:: D-Sisive - Ghetto Bastard
WEB:: www.derekchristoff.com

EPMD - Strictly Business

EPMD  Strictly Business

Seems today is Bob Marley’s birthday, so I figured we might as well celebrate with the most famous Marley sample in Old School hip hop history - EPMD’s Strictly Business, the title track from their debut album.  Obviously an amazing jam, but of course it’s not really a Bob Marley sample that is uses, but it famously flips the riff from Eric Clapton’s cover of I Shot The Shreriff.  So not strictly Marley I guess, but still a fitting OSM-style tribute I’d say. Happy Birthday Bob.

Def Jef - Droppin’ Rhymes On Drums

I’ll freely admit to not knowing much about Etta James, outside of the fact that she seemed to be a pretty amazing woman. That said, I certainly had a song come to mind when I heard about her passing a couple weeks ago - it just so happens that the song which started playing in [...]

Old School Mondays:: Christmas Rappin’ Redux

Well, seeing as how we’re a week away from Christmas, and that we’ve been in a festive mood around these parts all month, thanks to our rather awesome (if we do say so ourselves) #herohillxmas Advent Calendar, a Christmas themed Old School Monday seemed in order. I was about to do this from scratch, when [...]