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Two Kings In A Cipher - Movin’ On ‘Em

Two Kings In A Cipher – Movin’ On ‘Em

Watching the dunk & errant oopfest that is the NBA All-Star game last night go tme thinking about posting a basketball-related jam for this week’s Old School Monday jam. Well the first one I thought of might confuse most folks, as the song itself isn’t hoops-related at all, but the video for Two Kings In [...]

D-Sisive - Ghetto Bastard

D-Sisive – Ghetto Bastard

Well it seems I’ve arrived at Monday’s end without posting my tradition Old School Hip Hop jam (well, I’d traditionally been doing multi-song OSM posts for years, but for various reasons I’ve recently switched this to one old school jam per Monday. Here’s to new traditions!), but D-Sisive’s going to save my bacon this time around.

D recently got word of his 3rd Juno nomination, for Jonestown 2, along with Classified, Drake, Kardinal, and Swollen Members. Well as you might expect, this called for a celebration, and D celebrated in the studio creating a couple tracks with Muneshine behind the boards. One of those songs is a hijacking of Naughty By Nature’s Ghetto Bastard. Why, you ask? Simple: “Ghetto Bastard is one of my favourite songs of all time. Naughty By Nature is one of my favourite groups.” Works for me.

MP3:: D-Sisive - Ghetto Bastard
WEB:: www.derekchristoff.com

Old School Mondays:: 1992 Edition

Greetings, and happy old school new year! I was still on holiday last week, so I thought I’d greet my first OSM opportunity the way I have for the last few years: by posting a bunch of awesome songs from 20 years ago.   Yes, the title and your undoubtedly excellent math skills, have revealed [...]

Old School Mondays:: Christmas Rappin’ Redux

Well, seeing as how we’re a week away from Christmas, and that we’ve been in a festive mood around these parts all month, thanks to our rather awesome (if we do say so ourselves) #herohillxmas Advent Calendar, a Christmas themed Old School Monday seemed in order. I was about to do this from scratch, when [...]

Old School Mondays:: Da Bush Babees

This here OSM was originally on tap for a few weeks ago, but the passing of the legendary Heavster meant the last two weeks were dedicated to him. The inspiration for this one is, somewhat tangentially, my viewing of the ATCQ doc Beats, Rhymes & Life.   First off, if you’re at all interested in [...]

Old School Mondays:: More R.I.P. Heavy D

Well, it’s been almost a week since we found out the legendary Heavy D had passed away, and it certainly hasn’t gotten any easier to stomach. I still have no idea what caused Heavy’s death, and it doesn’t seem like there is much consensus out there other than some information about Heav suffering from some [...]