Quick Hitters

Merry Christmas from Apollo Ghosts & The Honky Tonk Kid

Or, Merry Christmas from the best band in Canada right now. Yip, I said it. Vancouver’s Apollo Ghosts not only deliver a never ending supply of amazing (and free) jams, they put on the most enjoyable straight ahead live show in the business. No gimmicks, just sincere enjoyment and non stop energy (and more cape [...]

Quick Hitters:: Brooker Buckingham

For those immersed in the Calgary music scene, Brooker Buckingham is a well known name, but for most, the talented guitarist is a new name we didn’t realize we knew. The consummate guest - Brooker has supplied textures for the likes of Lorrie Matheson, Woodpigeon, and Samantha Savage Smith - Buckingham has tidied up his [...]

Exclusive:: New Donovan Woods!

It seems we’ve been yelling from the mountain top about Donovan Woods, and sadly we’ve only heard our weary voice echo back. I get it; Donovan seems like a reserved, understated guy and his last record, The Widowmaker was delayed and the momentum he built up was engulfed by the blog world’s perpetual energy and [...]

Quick Hitters:: Silver Dapple

God damn. If 2011 sat in a confessional, it would beg forgiveness for the ocean of shoegaze acts offering the same reverbed guitars, precious melodies and universal adoption of shitty sounding recordings. Being an old ass dude, I’m ok with a return to 90′s guitar rock, but even I have to say enough is enough. [...]

Quick Hitters:: Doug Tielli

Doug Tielli’s solo debut is the result of a Thoreau like journey. All too often these adventures in solitude result in boozy epiphanies and first year psychological self evaluations, but for Tielli, the three month retreat allowed the talented song writer to embrace Thoreau’s most important philosophy. Simplify, simplify.   Tielli plays in countless extremely [...]

Quick Hitters:: Rain Over St. Ambrose - Overton Window

Dunno about you, but on a day like today where we got socked in the grill by winter for the initial time this year, the songs on Overton Window, the second EP from Rain Over St. Ambrose, feel like the perfect prescription for any pangs of preemptive winter blues. I briefly detailed the circumstances of [...]