Quick Hitters

Labor Days:: William Whitmore

To anyone that’s ever gone through the first few moments of parenthood, I’m sure you’ve felt the pride, insecurity, terror and joy surge through your body. Our little man has a huge fight ahead of him, but for some reason these words from one of my all-time favorite artists makes me think everything’s going to [...]

Labor Days:: Kevin Hearn & Thin Buckle

Kevin Hearn‘s other band was known for writing pop hits that could be embraced by parents and kids, so it’s interesting to hear that his new record - Havana Winter - is named after his daughter. As I get ready to welcome our first child into the world, the realization that the world is scary [...]

Labor Days:: Dustin Bentall

It’s quite fitting that on the day Nic and I welcome were supposed to welcome our son into the world, I mention a man that knows the pressure of finding his own way and living up to his father’s name. Obviously, the shadow I will cast is insignificant in comparison to that of Canadian great [...]

Labor Days:: The Avett Brothers

When it comes to hitting you in the heart, or making that lump in your throat well up, no one does it as easily as The Avett Brothers. Whether it’s Murder in the City, I And Love and You, it seems they’ve been knocking them out of the park lately, and their Daytrotter SXSW session [...]

Labor Days:: Meursault

Over the next few days, I’ll be in the hospital with my wife waiting for the arrival of our first child. Obviously, I’d have to be a deadbeat dad/husband to blog my way through the delivery, so I cobbled up some terrific acts for you to go hunt down on your own. The first, Meursault, [...]

Quick Hitters:: heat-ray

Things have been quiet on the Pop Echo front lately. After their biggest acts either a) broke up – Golden Hands Before God b) got picked up by another label – Bella, Junior Bloomsday or c) are more associated with another label and are kind of stuck in limbo – The Whitsundays, it’s not shocking [...]

Quick Hitters:: Burn Planetarium

I have to say, if, by some crazy and incredibly unlikely set of circumstances, I were forced to relocate back to Upper Canada, but this time to a city similar to Halifax, Guelph would likely be high on the list. Like Halifax, it’s a smallish university city that appears to have a vibrant local music [...]