Quick Hitters

Quick Hitters:: Carpet of Horses

Simply because of the name, I was hesitant to check out Tobin James Stewart’s solo work. I mean, Carpet of Horses is not exactly a name that jumps out of the ole inbox and screams quality, but the supporting players involved in the project more than erased any uncertainty.   With contributions from Ray Cammaert [...]

Reviews:: Jesse Futerman Super Basement

There was a time when you could find slick sounding, hip-hop influenced, vintage sample laced electronica records as easily as you could find a Starbucks. Sadly, in 2011, the burnt coffee mecca persists, and the appreciation for jazz infused, well crafted beats all but disappeared.   I know almost nothing about Toronto producer Jesse Futerman, [...]

Quick Hitters:: Penny Blacks - Harbour

If you’re a regular hill reader, you likely already know that we think The Company House is one of Halifax’s finest venues, and as such, it’s the perfect place to hear Jason Ogden (under the Penny Blacks moniker) perform songs from his new album Harbour. Luckily this is exactly what will happen tonight, as Jason [...]

Quick Hitters:: Writers’ Strike - Stay Down

Hopefully you read the Ack’s post on Ox’s new record Tuco, not least because it’s a great record, but also because the Ack’s intro was a great bit of self-affirmation regarding the aims of this here site. The second big point he mentioned, “championing a band” struck a chord with me, because it’s something I [...]

Jam Session:: Marvelous Darlings I Don’t Want To Go To The Party

Usually when people talk about the notorious poster children of Polaris (and one of the best hearted, yet most controversial/polarizing bands in Canada), the discussion focuses on the rather large, shirtless front man. Despite the technical proficiency and vitality each musician brings to the table, the point of entry (and sometimes exit) for Fucked Up [...]

Quick Hitters:: Notes To Self

If you’re like me, there’s a question you ask yourself every now and again, and that question is “do I cover enough Toronto hip hop on the hill?”. Well obviously you’d substitute the name of your particular blog or publication in place of the hill (and I’m assuming you do indeed have a blog, as [...]

Reviews:: Yukon Blonde Fire / Water

“Now this Canuck’s gonna beat on you like the drummer from Yukon Blonde hopped up on TimBits.”   Like many others, I did a double take when I heard the soaring harmonies and 60′s sunshine rock of Yukon Blond mentioned alongside other easy Hoser reference points like Justin Bieber, putine and Gretzky during last night’s [...]

Quick Hitters:: Pleasure Cruise

Here’s a nice slice of retro, fuzzed out bliss for you to sink your teeth into. Pleasure Cruise — born and developed on Twitter, which seems much less romantic than slapping flyers on telephone poles or tucking a few lines in the back of music rag — is a quartet out of Vancouver that uses [...]

Quick Hitters:: BEATFACE

BEATFACE! That’s a name that just seems like it should always be written with an exclamation point to accompany its all-caps aggro-ness. It also seems like the name of a band I would never check out/post on, but like Yogi Berra used to say “that’s why the play the games, and also, that’s why they [...]