Quick Hitters

Quick Hitters:: The Soirée Marathons

Marathons, the new EP from Ottawa’s The Soirée, moves with assured steps. Considering the foundations of their debut — an ear pleasing blend of folk and rock that drew comparisons to The Acorn — their growth over the last three years is impressive and that confidence is well deserved.   Marathons starts fast; “Animals” is [...]

Quick Hitters:: The Greg Cockerill Band

Toronto based Greg Cockerill bleeds prairie blood. His latest, Festuca, is steeped in traditional roots and fueled by the constant chug of open road, full throttle rockers, but Cockerill’s true talent surfaces when lets himself take his foot off the gas.   Cockerill is a solid story teller (“Guns or Water” shows that), but when [...]

Quick Hitters:: The Elwins

It’s Friday, and the morning sky is as grey and off putting as most hipsters skin color. Thankfully, the jangly pop of The Elwins is the perfect blasty blast of Vitamin D to put a smile back on your grill and improve your constitution.   Back in 2008, I was won over by the band’s [...]

Quick Hitters:: Mozart’s Sister

Although the name dictates otherwise, I feel like most electro-pop, bedroom acts never really fit their fictional setting. The production and sterility is more akin to the plastic slip covers that adorn furniture in old-fashioned sitting rooms with patterns vacuumed into the carpet and a strict “no friends in here” policy. The protective sheen that [...]

Quick Hitters:: Brasstronaut Opportunity

God bless the digital age. Like Sławomir Rawicz descending from the Himalayas, Brasstronaut‘s new “EP”, Opportunity, appears from out of nowhere, in a form completely unfamiliar to most observers.   The Vancouver based space jazz architects have stepped away from the indie/jazz building blocks they augmented with spacey atmospherics and escaped to the clubs of [...]

Quickhitters: Les Breastfeeders Dans la gueule des jours

The last time I mentioned the Montreal sextet, Les Breastfeeders, I was smitten with their snotty, 60′s inspired garage rock. How smitten? So much so that I forced an awkward Kareem Abdul Jabber reference to describe the band’s never ending collection of hooks.   With the release of a new LP, Dans la gueule des [...]

Quick Hitters:: The Golden Seals Increase the Sweetness

Ottawa’s Dave Merritt, with the help of a rotating cast of musicians, has been recording and releasing music for over a decade. Despite a loyal following and peer support, the only output we’ve heard since 2006 is a teaser single for “an upcoming” LP.   It’s been five years since The Golden Seals recorded and [...]

Quick Hitters:: Trips & Falls People Have to Be Told

When I first heard Montreal’s Trips & Falls, I was excited enough to ramble on about quirkiness, textures and potential. Basically, I liked what I heard but thought they could use some space to grow without forced pressures or expectations and tried to gussy it up with some overused descriptors.   People Have to Be [...]

Quick Hitters:: Reform Party

There was a time, anywhere between 1993 and 1997, that you couldn’t go anywhere without white dudes in Starter caps booming Rage Against the Machine out of their parents’ Honda Accord without any concern for the political messages that defined Zach and crew.   For most of their middle class fans, it was more about [...]

Quick Hitters:: Quivers

Contrary to everything pop culture has tried to tell me, life isn’t a fucking John Hughes flick. Those back of the school dirtbags, asshole preps (*cough* me) and potential filled nerds we all knew didn’t have life defined for them on orientation day. There was no map. No grand design. Eventually we all succumbed to [...]