Quick Hitters

Quick Hitters:: Shaun Boothe - Waiting Room

I don’t know if you’ve listened to the “Top 40″ type radio much of late, but there is some really unfortunate hip hop on there right now. I mean, if you had come to me in the late 90′s and told me that one day I’d be pining for the bling & beat-jacking era presided [...]

Thoughts:: Abigail Lapell Great Survivor

I’ve never really opened up when writing reviews. All the stories I share might as well be stock imagery. They could be picked up and pasted into your photo album, into your memories, without so much as a raised eyebrow.   I’ve always thought reviewers that put too much of themselves into a song are [...]

Quick Hitters:: Joshua Van Tassel

With a name that could have been lifted from an 80′s preppy villain, you might assume supporting actor (a.k.a. drummer for hire for people like Valery Gore and David Myles) turned front man Joshua Van Tassel would sound like any other coffee house troubadour.   Instead, the Nova Scotian ex-pat delivers a collection of sonic [...]

Quick Hitters:: mikedecline - Umbrellatons

Hey, remember when it used to relatively easy to find a “producer” album that didn’t exclusively feature “club bangers” that are filled with features from the current buzzworthy MC’s? Actually, many of you are likely young enough that you don’t remember such a thing, but in the late 90′s & early 00′s, there were albums [...]

News:: Capitol 6 release Captain Rehab 10″ & Fever 7″

Back in April when I talked about Capitol 6 - a Voltron-like collaboration between Louise Burns’ band and the back porch, BBQ ready psych rockers Sun Wizard - I expected them to explode onto the scene. Hints of The Velvets gritty punch mixed with an earthy dose of 70′s classic rock made their debut 10″, [...]

Quick Hitters:: Banded Stilts By The Back Stair

It’s almost too easy to hear a band like Banded Stilts and dismiss them with a lazy list of sonic comparisons. The Amherst outfit earns their keep with picked acoustic roots melodies bulked up with keep time drums, harmonies, mandolin, and banjo. Fans of the Great Lake Swimmers could embrace their sound openly, but the [...]

Exclusive:: The Gertrudes Six Jars

It’s hard not to love Kingston’s The Gertrudes. If they wanted to, the collective could pump out ear pleasing folk that and no one would complain. Instead, the band challenges themselves and their audience with collages of noise, rock, electronics that float around traditional melodies. Honestly, how many other folk troops could be paired with [...]

Quick Hitters:: SPORTS the LP

Do you think Toronto band SPORTS actually enjoy sports, the throwy/kicky/runny kinds? If I had to guess I’d say likely not, but it doesn’t matter. I’m a fan of both sports and SPORTS, so even though we posted a song from their full-length debut in May, I’d been meaning to get a post up on [...]

Quick Hitters:: Goose Lake Lakeheart EP

Earlier this year, I stumbled on the quirky, dark folk of Goose Lake. The duo must have had access to a bottomless tickle trunk filled with noise makers and instruments, but even with all the interesting textures, the folk melodies were still intimate and accessible.   Lakehearts, the 6-song EP the band just released, revisits [...]

Union of the Snake - Decades

Hot damn this is heavy, but when it’s a new group featuring pieces of Kestrels and VKNGS, what do you expect? Grab this jam from their new 7″ split with Stalwart Sons.

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MP3:: Union of the Snake - Decades
WEB:: http://uots.bandcamp.com/