Quick Hitters

Quick Hitters:: Stalwarts Sons

Without sounding like a turd or trying to get on humblebrag, herohill gets an insane amount of submissions each and every day. I realize we are no different than any other blog; bands are hoping to get heard, so why not throw out a million requests to a million blogs? It’s just very rare that [...]

Quick Hitters:: Kae Sun - Outside The Barcode

This is something you may already be aware of, but Ghana is a long way from Canada, not only in distance, but in many other immeasurable ways as well. After living in Canada for nine years, Toronto’s Kae Sun returned to the country of his birth and poured the emotion of that visit into songwriting [...]

Quick Hitters:: Digits

I’ve been sitting on the new Digits EP for way too long. When I first heard Hold it Close almost two years ago, I was impressed by the chilly, Erlend Oye influenced bedroom compositions and over the last few months I’ve been consistently revisiting his latest efforts with the intention of posting.   Please don’t [...]

Quick Hitters:: Topanga

For some reason - not just to scan back episodes to find members of Rilo Kiley patrolling the halls - I watched a ton of Boy Meets World when I was younger. I knew the ups and downs of young Corey Matthews, his principal, best friend and long time girlfriend as well as I knew [...]

Quick Hitters:: David Vangel

Toronto producer/musician/multi-instrumentalist Vangel has added his given name to his musical moniker, and has recently released his debut full length album, Breadth Control on Berlin’s Equinox records. While that move may remove some of the mystery from his work, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s obviously a talented guy who makes some really interesting [...]

Quick Hitters:: Ghost Cousin

In my humble opinion, a pop musician needs to approach music in the same manner a great chef constructs a dish. The best creations are deceptively simple; the chef must highlight key ingredients but satisfy your cravings and surprise you with hidden notes to balance any immediate blast of flavor. Ultimately, a pop song should [...]

Quick Hitters:: The Autumn Portrait

Lookout, a cliche is about to drop, right about….now: if we just had a long weekend, why am I so tired, aren’t long weekends supposed to be relaxing? Am I right folks, are you with me on this one? No? Fair enough, but as trite as it is, it happens to be true. My brain [...]