Favorites-of ’12:: Woodpigeon For Paulo EP

For Paulo, the new EP from Woodpigeon, may have started as a tribute to family road trips and Mark Hamilton’s mandatory musical roots, but there’s more at play here. Hamilton cites touch-points like Fleetwood Mac, Boys Don’t Cry and Iron Butterfly as the inspiration for his melodies, but underneath those lasting nostalgic hues is something [...]

Long Weekends Don’t Reach Out

When we last heard from Halifax’s Long Weekends, they were giving away a four-song EP that filtered their fun loving, hard driving garage hooks through a swampy filter with fantastic results. Since then, the trio has stormed the stages of Sappyfest and started to deliver on the hooky potential that slid through the ooze of [...]

Quick Hitters:: Brooker Buckingham

For those immersed in the Calgary music scene, Brooker Buckingham is a well known name, but for most, the talented guitarist is a new name we didn’t realize we knew. The consummate guest - Brooker has supplied textures for the likes of Lorrie Matheson, Woodpigeon, and Samantha Savage Smith - Buckingham has tidied up his [...]

Khingfisher - Speakin Easy (Prohibition Blues)

Khingfisher - Speakin Easy
On the anniversary of Roy Orbison’s death, it’s fitting that I immediately thought Khingfisher’s reinterpretation of “Scottish Choro” would fit perfectly alongside “Bayou Blue” on a fictional mixtape.


Craig has many of the same qualities as the great song writer (although this tale of prohibition sounds more like sharing a bottle of wine on the patio of a cafe than needing to return to N’Awlins to reunite with a lover) and his use of melody and delivery hit me with the same type of impact. Great stuff.

Speakin Easy (Prohibition Blues) by Khingfisher

Quick Hitters:: Cold Specks

I don’t like contributing to the hyperbole and instantaneous nature of music blogging. I really don’t. We all get the same emails, the same promo packs and often opinion is determined by persistence and availability, not pure talent. For every pure artist, we are overrun with Odd Futures, Kreayshawns and Lana Del Rays. Flash in [...]

Happy Holidays from herohill

  You see that bad ass graphic? Run DMC, Christmas in Hollis. In terms of holiday jams, it gets no better. Anyway, around this time blogs and publications make with the best-of lists and trade them back and forth like Pokeman cards. This year, we decided to go another route, and channel our inner child. [...]

Quick Hitters:: Silver Dapple

God damn. If 2011 sat in a confessional, it would beg forgiveness for the ocean of shoegaze acts offering the same reverbed guitars, precious melodies and universal adoption of shitty sounding recordings. Being an old ass dude, I’m ok with a return to 90′s guitar rock, but even I have to say enough is enough. [...]

Quick Hitters:: Doug Tielli

Doug Tielli’s solo debut is the result of a Thoreau like journey. All too often these adventures in solitude result in boozy epiphanies and first year psychological self evaluations, but for Tielli, the three month retreat allowed the talented song writer to embrace Thoreau’s most important philosophy. Simplify, simplify.   Tielli plays in countless extremely [...]