Best-of ’11:: Rich Aucoin We’re All Dying To Live (Public Publication EP/Over The Top LP)

Originally, I wasn’t going to do anything with the debut LP from Halifax’s electro-pop star, Rich Aucoin. And when I say anything, I mean the record was on my desk for weeks and I hadn’t even pulled off the plastic wrap. It’s not that Rich isn’t talented, genuine or creative; the effort he puts into [...]

Quick Hitters:: Carpet of Horses

Simply because of the name, I was hesitant to check out Tobin James Stewart’s solo work. I mean, Carpet of Horses is not exactly a name that jumps out of the ole inbox and screams quality, but the supporting players involved in the project more than erased any uncertainty.   With contributions from Ray Cammaert [...]

Reviews:: Jesse Futerman Super Basement

There was a time when you could find slick sounding, hip-hop influenced, vintage sample laced electronica records as easily as you could find a Starbucks. Sadly, in 2011, the burnt coffee mecca persists, and the appreciation for jazz infused, well crafted beats all but disappeared.   I know almost nothing about Toronto producer Jesse Futerman, [...]

Reviews:: Old Man Luedecke & Lake Stew Sing All About It

New music from Old Man Luedecke is always welcome news in these parts. The banjo picker has charmed audiences all over the world, won a Juno award and even with all his success, Chris has never lost the humility that makes him such an inviting performer. Sure, he has “hits” like “Quit My Job” and [...]

Favorite-of ’11:: Wake! Owl Wild Country EP

Unfortunately, music blogging has evolved from promoting the bands we love to an analytical activity that makes standard cybermetrics feel like casual bar room conversation. Ratings, pageviews, hypem rankings; all of these things are all well and good, but music isn’t a scientific measure. EPs and LPs aren’t built on coefficients and derivatives. They are [...]

Reviews:: The Speaking Tongues self-titled

The constant struggle for a band like The Speaking Tongues - a white hot, boogie heavy garage blues band from Toronto - to get their music heard and appreciated has to be frustrating. I know there is a Canadian rock n roll revival/blues scene , but there aren’t many people writing about it and the [...]

Best-of ’11:: Bry Webb Provider

Many of the words that best describe Bry Webb’s solo record, Provider, have already been used. Humble. Freedom. Like the last precious U tile I need to complete the run of P, A, R, Q, E, and T, they’ve already been laid on the board and can’t be removed. It doesn’t much matter, as those [...]

Best-’of ’11:: Ox Tuco

This weekend, I read the internet from beginning to end (baby watch + the ebola virus will provide you endless hours to unearth every opinion out there). Much like music, there’s a lot of shit out there but I did stumble on an interesting post from LA based critic, David Greenwald. It’s nice to see [...]

Reviews:: Shade One Last Show of Hearts

Even as MP3 storage capability grows exponentially, the space available for bands that hint at Belle & Sebastian, The Velvets or (in a more modern spin) John Roderick becomes more exclusive. Music fans surround their choices with velvet ropes, refusing entry to intelligent, gritty, vintage pop and tasteful arrangements but openly welcome next-blog-things dubstep, witch [...]