Best-of ’11:: Each Other Taking Trips

Yesterday, my wife (and ultimately, the internet) shocked me by admitting she wasn’t a fan of the movie “Highlander.” Without question, I was slightly unsettled by the shocking dismissal of a sci-fi/action classic. I’ve watched that flick countless times, and one of the lines that I’ve quoted far too many times happens when Kurgan leaves [...]

Reviews:: Yukon Blonde Fire / Water

“Now this Canuck’s gonna beat on you like the drummer from Yukon Blonde hopped up on TimBits.”   Like many others, I did a double take when I heard the soaring harmonies and 60′s sunshine rock of Yukon Blond mentioned alongside other easy Hoser reference points like Justin Bieber, putine and Gretzky during last night’s [...]

Reviews:: Said the Whale New Brighton EP

Outside of “The Magician (Camilo)” — which is the jam — I’ve never really had a strong opinion about Said the Whale. I enjoy their breezy take on Indie pop and understand why they charm audience on a nightly basis, but my jaw dropped when I found out just how high the Vancouver quintet’s stock [...]

Quick Hitters:: Pleasure Cruise

Here’s a nice slice of retro, fuzzed out bliss for you to sink your teeth into. Pleasure Cruise — born and developed on Twitter, which seems much less romantic than slapping flyers on telephone poles or tucking a few lines in the back of music rag — is a quartet out of Vancouver that uses [...]

Best-of ’11:: The Hidden Words Free Thyself from the Fetters of this World

The music of The Hidden Words is a spiritual awakening, but unlike most that read ancient texts and absorb the influence of great minds, these songs aren’t a call to action or a demand for change. These songs aren’t pontification from the pulpit or the fear inducing warming from a booming voice from the mountaintop. [...]

Reviews:: Octoberman Sweater EP

It’s hard to believe Marc Morrissette has been releasing “solo” material for almost seven years. Even more shocking is the constant but completely natural evolution of sound. What started as one line drawings in the journal of an isolated traveler have grown into confident, full band affairs.   All things considered, I shouldn’t be surprised [...]

Reviews:: Siskiyou Keep Away the Dead

It’s an easy lead in to talk about where an album was born in terms of the sound, but Keep Away the Dead was was very much shaped and defined by the cold, isolated town of Mara. You can feel the alienation and the sting of the Northern winds every time you hear the songs, [...]

Quick Hitters:: The Soirée Marathons

Marathons, the new EP from Ottawa’s The Soirée, moves with assured steps. Considering the foundations of their debut — an ear pleasing blend of folk and rock that drew comparisons to The Acorn — their growth over the last three years is impressive and that confidence is well deserved.   Marathons starts fast; “Animals” is [...]