Quick Hitters:: Marine Dreams

With all the reverbed drenched, sun-kissed “jams” and grainy, youtube clip videos floating around the interwebs, you can’t read a review that doesn’t force teenage love down your throat. We get it; Beach Boys pop songs are ear pleasing and remind us how great it felt to find your Summer crush, but just because a [...]

Best-of ’11:: Basketball Maw

If you’ve ever been to Vancouver and spent any time in Stanley Park or on any of the beaches, you’ve probably been forced to side step faux-rastafari, professional sack hackers and devil stick twirlers. God help you if you hang out too long after fireworks or any free concerts.   Thankfully, the tribal percussion and [...]

Re-Reviews:: Daniel Ledwell - Two Over Seven

This review was originally posted in 2008, but since he’s playing the Herohill showcase at HPX 2011, just got married, and is just generally a top class gentleman who has done the hill a number of solids, we are posting it again and encouraging you to check out Two Over Seven if it’s new to [...]

Sneak Peak:: Steve Gates Hello Jesus

Of all the local bands made good, I’m always surprised by how little attention we give Caledonia. The boys write solid songs, stand for something and aren’t afraid to pile in the van and tour the shit out of their songs. In this era of blog TUMBLR-born and praised bands, it’s refreshing to see a [...]

Reviews:: B.D. Willoughby and the Lazy MKs Forget About Me

Forget About Me, the latest LP from Saskatchewan’s B.D. Willoughby, benefits from being a collaborative affair. Leveraging the strength of a collection of musical chameleons and some talented friends, B.D. is able to balance tear in your beer country laments with humor, bursts of noise, horns, harmonies and percussion.   To paraphrase Robert Marley, the [...]

HPX ’11:: Rattail

Hot damn, this might be the jam of the week. Rattail, a ramshackle collection of guitars, drums and energy, have offered up a sneak peak at their soon to be released LP — out on Unfamiliar on October 15th — and the first track, “In Bloom”, is insane. How insane? Just look at the poorly [...]

Quick Hitters:: The Elwins

It’s Friday, and the morning sky is as grey and off putting as most hipsters skin color. Thankfully, the jangly pop of The Elwins is the perfect blasty blast of Vitamin D to put a smile back on your grill and improve your constitution.   Back in 2008, I was won over by the band’s [...]

Reviews:: Dan Mangan Oh Fortune

Originally, I wasn’t going to review Dan Mangan’s stellar new LP, Oh Fortune. Not because the record wasn’t worthy — it’s a fantastic, cohesive, full band affair — or because I didn’t think Mangan pushed his limits or extended his reach. Even the most cursory listen reveals a change in sound and surprising new textures, [...]

herohill house show II:: Jenn Grant & Daniel Ledwell

A few weeks ago, herohill opened the front doors and hosted a private show with the oh so charming Jenn Grant and Daniel Ledwell. Basically, the idea is simple: We guilt bands — Dan Mangan & The Crackling succumbed to our incessant pleas for the inaugural event — into showing up, cook the guests and [...]

Reviews:: Corey Isenor The Hunting Party

Each time we hear from Corey Isenor, we hear a new man. Whether it’s the recording methods or the supporting players, Isenor seems to reinvent himself each time he traps himself in the studio.   On his last record, Frost, Isenor pulled in local legend Shotgun Jimmie in to add the cornstarch needed to thicken [...]