Erin Passmore - Downtown

Erin Passmore is better known for her work with Regina outfit Rah Rah, for whom she’s been known to contribute drums, keys, bass and vocals, but she’s recently released her first solo record: the Downtown EP. The Saskatchewanian ventured east to Montreal last summer, to make this 8 song EP with the assistance of many Montreal musicians, and if the rather rockin’ title track is any indication, it’s worth a listen.

MP3:: Erin Passmore - Downtown

Reviews:: Gescha - Crayon Politics

This is kind of a (Car)melo-dramatic (topical, ’cause the NBA is back!) statement, but Gescha’s album Crayon Politics is the kind of album that validates my continued work on the hill. I’m late getting around to posting it, but I’m happy to help spread the word about a guy that will easily be your favorite [...]

Library Voices - The Prime Minister’s Daughter

I like Library Voices. They have a new song that is kind of election-y, which I also like. They have recently signed to Nevado Records. Like again!

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MP3:: Library Voices - The Prime Minister’s Daughter

Sunday Morning Coffee:: The Sheepdogs

Classic rock is a tough sell. I mean, the majority of the bands trying to rehash the sounds of The Allmans or Skynyrd probably saw Almost Famous one too many times and can’t wait for it all to start happening. TOPEKA! I’m 99% sure that traveling along the road of a modern classic rocker is [...]

Super Quick Hitters:: Andy Shauf

I am completely swamped at work, trying to finish up projects before I leave the company but I’ve had a record on repeat all day today that you should really check out. Andy Shauf is a young - like 21 years old kind of young - Regina song writer that has taken years of bedroom [...]