Friday Fun:: Renny Wilson - By and By

Friday Fun:: Renny Wilson  By and By

As a rule, I pretty much love blissed-out, hypnotic, sax-filled jams, so I was already going to enjoy “By and By”, the new single from Edmonton’s Renny Wilson, but throw in a sexy jeans & gyration-filled, self-shot video, and you can set the Friday Fun meter to 10+++. Renny (aka René) Wilson has formerly released [...]

Kalle Mattson - Water Falls

Kalle Mattson  Water Falls

Young roots rocker(s) Kalle Mattson (the guy or band? I thought they were a band before, perhaps not now?) is/are back with a new EP entitled Lives In Between. If the catchy, earnest sounds on display on the first single “Water Falls” are any indication (bonus points as always for the horn-laced outro), Kalle Mattson is moving in a very good direction - regardless of his/their current form. Those in Halifax can catch the band at The Carleton on May 20th, and check the website for other dates.

MP3:: Kalle Mattson - Water Falls

Muneshine - Lower Level

Muneshine  Lower Level

What’s that, your new single is produced by DITC legend Buckwild and features mad scratched-in Chuck D vocal samples? Well that’s an auto-post around these parts, so have yourself a listen below to “Lower Level”, the first single from TO-based MC/Producer Muneshine’s long-awaited new album There Is Only Today. As I mentioned, it has a [...]

Kids & Explosions - Use Your Words

Kids & Explosions  Use Your Words

Clearly, if our traffic stats are any indication, we are not experts in deciphering what it is the kids like. But I’m fairly certain they enjoy ‘splosions and I know they enjoy a good mashup every now and again. All of that seems to indicate that the kids might fancy a listen to Shit Computer, the new release from TO’s Kids & Explosions (aka Josh Raskin). It’s available as a pay-what-you-can d/l, and it features all kinds of jammy-jams that you know and love. This one features bits from the Big Baby Jesus and L-Boogie, so I enjoy it. You might too.

MP3:: Kids & Explosions - Use Your Words

Ria Mae - Under Your Skin

Perusing the ECMA results from this past weekend led to an to-too-familiar set of thoughts after reading that Halifax’s Ria Mae won Pop Recording of the year. These thoughts are something like “Uhhh, have we covered Ria Mae on the hill before? Surely we have. I think we have. We’ve meant to, so me must [...]

Wintersleep - Resuscitate

Wintersleep  Resuscitate

I’m not sure there’s a Halifax band that has toured far-er or wide-er in the last 4 or 5 years than Wintersleep. Since 2007′s “Welcome To The Night Sky” led them to some rather impressive acclaim (Juno Award, Letterman appearance, Sir Paul opening slot), it seemed like every other week we were getting a tour [...]

4th Pyramid - So Balboa f. Saukrates

Here’s a fact: Saukrates is great. If you’re a Canadian hip hop enthusiast over a certain age, there’s a good chance you have a soft spot in your heart for The Underground Tapes, I know I certainly do. So then, when a song with a Big Soxx feature comes across our cyber desk, I gets an auto-listen. It certainly doesn’t hurt when it comes backed with a Rich Kidd boomer as a backdrop, and this effort from T.O.’s 4th Pyramid does. Sauks provides the bridge as 4th Rocky 3′s the track on the 2nd single from his latest album, The Pyramid Scheme.

MP3:: 4th Pyramid - So Balboa f. Saukrates (prod. by Rich Kidd)

Japandroids - The House That Heaven Built

Oh hey, I know Mondays are super-exciting on their own, but would a new Japandroids track spice yours up a bit? I thought it might. Spoiler alert, it’s loud, and you will sing along. This is off their perfectly named new album, Celebration Rock, which will be out June 5th via Polyvinyl Record Co. (You [...]

These Electric Lives - Wicked Game

Sunday nights are made for cover songs! Well this one is I guess, as I’m sharing this Chris Isaak cover from T.O. electronic-rock outfit These Electric Lives. I’ve been a fan of TEL’s for a while, but I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about them taking on such a mellow, well-known jam. But they put their own spin on it, as one does when doing a cover, and the results are pretty enjoyable.

MP3:: These Electric Lives - Wicked Game