David Myles - I Will Love You (Acoustic Version)

David Myles – I Will Love You (Acoustic Version)

More Halifax-related Valentine goodness for you! Man, I’m not sure I’ve ever done a Valentine’s Day-related post before, but this is my second of the day. It can’t be helped though, as the excellent David Myles posted this acoustic version of I Will Love You pour gratis and I thought I’d share it. You can also send it along with a Valentine eCard type deal from his site, so if you’re in the VD gift lurch, you can thank Dave Myles for helping you out.

MP3:: David Myles - I Will Love You (Acoustic Version)

CFCF - Exercise #3 (Building)

I know he’s a rather buzz-tastic chap these days, but I’ve loved Michael Silver’s (aka CFCF) stuff for a while now, so I’mma go ahead and post this new track from his upcoming album Exercises. Exercise #3 (Building) is a peek into the contemplative nature of CFCF’s new record (which was partly inspired by “institutional [...]

Jon Epworth - Soothsayer

Jon Epworth – Soothsayer

Well this bit of news has plenty of people in Halifax excited, so why not share it: Jon Epworth has a new album coming out at the end of the month. Failure Epics will be released in digital form on the 28th and on vinyl in March via Diminished Fifth Records.

The Epworth and D5R match seems an odd pairing at first, based on the label’s current heavy duty metal catalog, but the conceptual Failure Epics was “inspired by King Crimson and Yes as well as more modern metal acts like Meshuggah, Mastodon and Converge”, so I suppose it does make sense. Whatever the inspiration, I certainly enjoy the melodic cacophony of the album’s first single, Soothsayer, so it’ll be interesting to see what the whole shootin’ match has to offer.

MP3:: Jon Epworth - Soothsayer

Teenage Kicks - Middle of the Night

Teenage Kicks – Middle of the Night

I shant lie to you, I pretty much loved Teenage Kicks last EP, Rational Anthems, and so any news from the band is welcome on my cyber doorstep. And there appears to be TK news aplenty right now, as not only will they be playing in Halifax on March 30th (Michael’s with Wildlife and Glory [...]

Boxer The Horse - Rattle Your Cage

Boxer The Horse – Rattle Your Cage

If you had taken a poll a few years ago, when PEI was spitting out awesome young bands like they were some new form of hybrid potato (a PEI/potato ref, unexpected right?), around which band would end up having the most interesting body of work over their career, the winner would likely have been Boxer The Horse. Maybe. I mean if you asked us, it likely would have, as ever since they ethered a loudmouth brah at a hill-related HPX showcase, we’ve had a soft-spot for these guys.

Their debut full-length album, Would You Please, bore that out as well, as they produced a textured album that melded their old-school influences with a modern sound. Well BTH is back, set to release their new album, French Residency, on March 3rd. If the crunchy first single, Rattle Your Cage is any indication, they’ve taken their cues from a much more riff-tastic era this time around, and the results sound good so far.

MP3:: Boxer The Horse - Rattle Your Cage

B.A. Johnston - Truffle Shuffle

B.A. Johnston – Truffle Shuffle

B.A. Johnston, Canada’s favourite sweat-soaked and/or shirtless bon-vivant, has a new album called Hi Dudes! coming out February 21st. The lead single is entitled Truffle Shuffle and features Laura Barrett on the guest vocals. You can call me Chris Traeger, because that is literally all you need to know about this enterprise. Get on it.

MP3:: B.A. Johnston - Truffle Shuffle f. Laura Barrett

Yukon Blonde - Stairway

Yukon Blonde – Stairway

Starting your Friday with a new Yukon Blonde song? Works for me. YB’s new album, Tiger Talk, comes out on March 20th, but you can OOOOooooOOOoooooOOOOOO along with new single Stairway right now.
MP3:: Yukon Blonde - Stairway

Young Liars - Colours (Teen Daze Remix)

Young Liars – Colours (Teen Daze Remix)

I’d been planning to post this song over the holidays, but it got lost in the shuffle. Anyhoo, better late than never I always seem forced to say, but it’s especially true when it pertains to an enjoyable remix like this one here, done by Teen Daze for Vancouver outfit Young Liars.
MP3:: Young Liars - Colours (Teen Daze Remix)

Islands - Hallways

This new Islands jam is exactly that: a jammy jam. Peppy, uptempo piano is often given short shrift, but it’s used to great success here. New Islands album A Sleep & A Forgetting is out Feb. 14th.

Said The Whale - Little Mountain

Said The Whale have a new album, Little Mountain, coming out March 6th, and will be heading out on a large tour in support of, ahem, said album. They’re playing Halifax on March 28th, but you can check out the first single, Heavy Ceiling, this very instant.

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MP3:: Said The Whale - Heavy Ceiling