Kids & Explosions - Use Your Words

Kids & Explosions – Use Your Words

Clearly, if our traffic stats are any indication, we are not experts in deciphering what it is the kids like. But I’m fairly certain they enjoy ‘splosions and I know they enjoy a good mashup every now and again. All of that seems to indicate that the kids might fancy a listen to Shit Computer, the new release from TO’s Kids & Explosions (aka Josh Raskin). It’s available as a pay-what-you-can d/l, and it features all kinds of jammy-jams that you know and love. This one features bits from the Big Baby Jesus and L-Boogie, so I enjoy it. You might too.

MP3:: Kids & Explosions - Use Your Words

4th Pyramid - So Balboa f. Saukrates

4th Pyramid – So Balboa f. Saukrates

Here’s a fact: Saukrates is great. If you’re a Canadian hip hop enthusiast over a certain age, there’s a good chance you have a soft spot in your heart for The Underground Tapes, I know I certainly do. So then, when a song with a Big Soxx feature comes across our cyber desk, I gets an auto-listen. It certainly doesn’t hurt when it comes backed with a Rich Kidd boomer as a backdrop, and this effort from T.O.’s 4th Pyramid does. Sauks provides the bridge as 4th Rocky 3′s the track on the 2nd single from his latest album, The Pyramid Scheme.

MP3:: 4th Pyramid - So Balboa f. Saukrates (prod. by Rich Kidd)

The Extremities - Around the Corner f. Ambiton & Relic

The Extremities last record, Mint Condition, was really, really great, and now they’ve got a great video for one of the tracks off the album. Around the Corner, shot in Toronto by Caley MacLennan and Daniel Jardin, features Fresh Kils & Uncle Fester, along with guest MC’s Ambition & Relic out and about in Toronto. [...]

Bravestation - Signs of the Civilized

Bravestation – Signs of the Civilized

Since posting on their debut EP a couple years ago, I’ve been keeping an eager ear to the ground for any new music from this Toronto outfit. Their latest release is a new single, “Signs of the Civilized”, which is intended to bridge the gap until their new album is (hopefully) released later this year. While still recalling dark pop tunes from the 80′s like their previous work, this one has a more dreamy quality, but the vocals still reach out and grab you by the collar.

MP3:: Bravestation - Signs Of The Civilized

Friday Fun - Topanga

Friday Fun – Topanga

Guess what, Topanga are not American. Turns out they are from Toronto. Perhaps you already knew that, and why wouldn’t you? For the life of me I don’t know why I assumed these four fine gentlemen were from south of the border (they’ve actually been covered by the Ack on the hill before), perhaps it [...]

Zeus - Anything You Want Dear

Zeus – Anything You Want Dear

Ugh, today certainly is taking it’s sweet time passing by isn’t it? Perhaps the throwback rock goodness of Zeus’ “Anything You Want Dear” will give it a healthy kick in the posterior. The gents from Zeus have a new record entitled Busting Visions, coming out March 27th on Arts & Crafts, and the sound of this track has me looking forward to it.

MP3:: Zeus - Anything You Want Dear