News:: New (And Last!) D-Sisive Songs

It’s the death of D-Sisive! If there’s one thing this blog lacks, it’s some forced drama, so I’ll take any chance to post a spicy headline, especially if it pertains to someone we’ve posted on regularly here at the hill. In this case, it’s T.O. rapper D-Sisive, who has made the decision to retire his [...]

3 Things:: Arabesque - Nuclear Ambition

Oh my, where does the time go? Seems like only a couple weeks ago that I was planning to post on Toronto MC Arabesque‘s latest release, Nuclear Ambition, but a quick check tells me it was actually June when I received the album. Ugh, I’m certainly busy, but there’s no excuse for that kind of [...]

Reviews:: Wildlife Strike Hard, Young Diamond EP

In most songs, going to the river results in someone’s bloody, untimely demise. For Toronto’s Wildlife however, the river is a place for freedom, escape, and rebirth. Over the thumping percussion, synths, guitars and yelpy vocals of “Stand in the Water”, the quintet surprises the listener with optimism instead of an apocalyptic or nihilistic view. [...]

NXNE MUST SEE:: The Beauties

One of the acts I’m most eager to see this year at NXNE is The Beauties. The Six Shooter roots n’ roll band has moved from a ramshackle house band to somewhat of local legend by burning up the Dakota on Sunday nights. During their residency at the notorious Toronto watering hole they’ve seen the [...]

Quick Hitters:: Urbnet Underground Hip Hop Vol. 5

Is it safe to say that Urbnet is the best indie hip hop label in Canada? I think I’d have to say yes. Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly plenty of folks dedicated to the thankless task of producing solid hip hop here in this great big country of ours, but when you look [...]

Texting Mackenzie - Quoi De Neuf

In the late 90′s, Halifax was over run with musical talent. Unbelievably, especially if you consider today’s market, bands were turning down record contracts to avoid being labeled as sell-outs and to focus on the music and forming a sound. Over time that “sound” slowly filtered into our DNA like a love of donairs, constantly [...]

Contests:: Win tix to see Dinosaur Bones @ Gus’ Pub

Toronto’s Dinosaur Bones are no strangers to the road, but c’maaan! Just back from SXSW and opening for Thrush Hermit in TO, the quintet is hitting the road East and certainly making the most of their time. They are turning their upcoming Halifax visit into one of those “do-all-you-can-in-48 hours” type of deals you see [...]

The Leathers

Bam, suck on that! Considering the amount of music we’re sent, it seems funny that I almost never get the urge to post something based on cover art alone. But the notion of that cover above being associated to a hip hop album had my curiosity more than a little peaked. As it turns out, [...]