Contest:: Win (5) copies of Canteen Knockout Broken Down Town

The other day I was trying to put together some sort of flow chart for how we got to the point where almost every band has a pedal steel player and members don snappy cowboy shirts like Bart Simpson wears orange tees and blue shorts. It would be easy to trace the history and talk [...]

Contest:: Thrush Hermit Box Set!

Oh you thought that because we went and saw the Hermit turn back the clock at the Paragon here in Halifax last Friday that we were through with Thrush Hermit posts? Think again. I realized that we were halfway through the week and we had yet to mention on the hill how excellent the show [...]

Quick Hitters:: Peter Katz First Of The Last To Know

If you listen to Peter Katz talk, you get the feeling that not only does he love his “job”, he feels a sense of responsibility to become better each time he plays and give everything he can to music. I know that might sound hokey to most of the indie-tastic music lovers out there who [...]

Sunday Morning Coffee:: Soft Copy

It’s hard not to get nostalgic as Thrush Hermit preps to descend on Halifax in a mere six days. Not just for the band, but for the time and most importantly, the feelings we all took from those angular guitar anthems that seemed so plentiful only 5 years ago. Thankfully, as more and more acts [...]

Quick Hitters:: Circle Research

I went with some instrumental electronic music for yesterday’s post, and because that went so well, I thought I’d do the same today. Of course I base the assertion that yesterday’s post went well on nothing but my own opinion, but such is my right as the jerk writing this here post. Anyhoo, today’s post [...]

Countdown:: Thrush Hermit Reunion

Not sure if you’ve heard, but the almighty Hermit is making it’s return. That’s right, it’s 2010, and Thrush Hermit is back. Ian, Joel, Rob & Cliff - together again FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY! Nine nights actually, but that sounded more awesome. And while we’re on the topic of awesome, I have to think these [...]

Reviews:: Matthew Barber True Believer

It’s not surprising that Matthew Barber’s upcoming release - True Believer - is flying under the radar of most of the sites I read and most of the music loving public in general. Barber is easy to classify - essentially he’s a rock solid song writer that could charm you with just an acoustic or [...]

Quick Hitters:: By Divine Right

This is going to be a super quick hitter as my time is being occupied by many non-hill activities this week, and my mind is having trouble thinking about anything other than my beloved Saints and their impending Super Bowl debut this Sunday night in Miami. So here is the crux of this post: If [...]

Sunday Morning Coffee:: Digits

Today’s coffee is a bit late, thanks in large part to beers and football, and a child that doesn’t realize both equate to Dad wanting to sleep in. Thanks in large to Amanda Ash posting the new Tiesto track ft. Tegan & Sara, I realized it was time to talk about Toronto bedroom, electro malcontent, [...]