Five Funky Stories:: Diemonds

This here music blogging thing can be quite the education, because even though most bloggers would be loathe to admit it, you learn at least a little something about music every day. Take sleaze for example. No, I don’t mean what you’d find on the dancefloor at the New Palace at 1:45AM (HI-O!), but rather [...]

Five Funky Stories:: Fox Jaws

It seems our random question machine might have met its match in eclectic Toronto-area up & comers Fox Jaws. These fine folks had not one, not two, but three of their band members match wits with our question machine, which is indeed a new record. Fox Jaws is a five person indie rock outfit, originally [...]

Quick Hitters:: Bravestation

You know who gets the shaft as far as musical comparisons are concerned? Fall, that’s who. I mean consider summer - and this one that’s just past is a particularly good example - but there’s no end of blog posts and other articles touting this song or that band as the best summer listening you [...]

Reviews:: Dan Bryk Pop Psychology

It’s not often you find a truly unashamed pop artist. One that still believes in the golden age of piano pop and writes songs filled with melancholic observations and self-loathing sung eyes closed, heart on sleeve without resorting to cliched turns of phrases, clever word play or the dreaded jaded disdain for the world around [...]

Reviews:: The Warped 45′s 10 Day Poem For Saskatchewan

Warped 45′s, Stand By Me What really constitutes a break out band these days? It certainly doesn’t revolve around record sales or record deals, and it’s not as clear cut as getting posted on a few blogs. With so many people simply cutting and pasting press releases or falling in line with the few big [...]

Reviews:: Grand Analog - Metropolis Is Burning

Not too long ago, mentioning “hip hop” and “live instruments” in the same sentence was kind of like using “baseball” and “steroids” together in the late 90′s - it was a bit of a taboo. But these days hip hop has changed a bit, and just like steroids in baseball, (yes, I know you saw [...]