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Said The Whale - Little Mountain

Said The Whale have a new album, Little Mountain, coming out March 6th, and will be heading out on a large tour in support of, ahem, said album. They’re playing Halifax on March 28th, but you can check out the first single, Heavy Ceiling, this very instant.

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MP3:: Said The Whale - Heavy Ceiling

Tour Dates:: Train of Thought Tour

What’s up Canada, you know how you are always going on about “how come no great all-Canadian hip hop shows ever roll through my town?” Well you can finally quit your bellyaching (well, about that at least…zing, I got you Canada, you know you love to bellyache), because there is an excellent hip hop tour [...]

Tour Dates:: Doug Hoyer & The Joe

We’re fans of Edmonton’s OLD UGLY Recording Co. here are the hill, but this likely shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who visits the site more than once a month. A Canadian based, somewhat obscure (for now!) recording and performing collective featuring a melange of folk, indie rock & hip hop? Yes please.   [...]

Tour Dates:: Sloan!

Sloooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. If we were looking for one Halifax-related band that needs absolutely zero assistance from the hill to spread their news, you’d struggle to find a better example than the current Grandaddies of Halifax music scene: the almighty Sloan. But yes, Sloan is back on the scene with their 10th studio album in 20 years, [...]

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Recently we’ve heard that folks would like to get more news from their daily trek up the hill. Well, we aim to please, so perhaps we’ll aim to up our news output, especially locally-related music newsy bits, as there aren’t as many outlets relaying that kind of news from this part of the country.   [...]

Tour Dates:: Meligrove Band

Although I don’t know all that much about them, I have a rather high opinion of Toronto’s Meligrove Band. This is due, I think, to the fact that my first exposure to them was a very positive one. Two years ago we walked into their set at HPX, and although I knew the name, I [...]