File Under Awesome:: Shivering Songs this weekend

Alright, Fredericton. You and I haven’t seen eye to eye much in the past, but I’m willing to forgive and forget what with you playing host to the 2nd edition of the Shivering Songs festival. Like most fantastic festivals, Shivering Songs isn’t about Redbull tents, corporate sponsors and buzz bands that will be lucky to [...]

Henry Svec - Winter is Cold and Good

Audio MP3

Henry Svec’s collection of new folk classics was one of my favorite records last year. This song, a fitting tribute to Winter, shows he isn’t stopping any time soon. Oh, and the way he flaunts his new boots to taunt Charlton is superb.
MP3:: Henry Svec - Winter is Cold and Good
Web:: www.folksongsofcanadanow.com

Quick Hitters: C. Sterling No Matter

In the last few years, the number of acts presenting slight folk compositions bolstered by orchestral layers has grown to an all-time high. Pleasant and safe; while perfectly acceptable, aren’t really the descriptors you pine for when discovering a new band.   C. Sterling - the solo project from Craig Smith - could easily be [...]

Notes To Self - All of the Above

  This one here seems like a good choice to close out what was a fairly wacky winter week - out here in Halifax at least. The guys from T.O. hip hop outfit Notes To Self sent us their new video a few days ago, and it is pretty much, to use their own description, [...]

Reviews:: Morgan Greenwood Winter

Right now, the view from most Halifax windows is like a painting. The morning sun is reflecting off the fresh fallen snow and despite the frigid temperatures, the world feels alive. The lawns are filled with sparkles, making me wonder if late last night someone dumped a collection of precious gems to say thanks to [...]

Old Believer

Over the last few years, I’ve realized I’m a bit of a pessimist. If we met casually over drinks you’d think I laugh all the time, but those that really know me know I don’t always take joy from the simple things. Underneath it all, I’ve grown to assume it will eventually work out, but [...]


Another year. 2011 came and went and despite our best efforts to stop, we are still fucking blogging. We’ve been doing this for almost a decade, which is equally as impressive as it is pathetic, but yet we keep going.   This year the site had some great highs; another fantastic HPX showcase, being asked [...]

Favorites of ’11:: My Year in Music

I know, I know. Lists are annoying and trying to assign rankings and value to art is subjective at best. That’s why these records - 25 from releases that really made an impact on me in ’11 - aren’t branded with any type of distinction other than “favorite.” These are records, not songs, that warmed [...]

Quick Hitters:: Dixie’s Death Pool

With a name that sounds more like a Jason Stratham film than a avant garde noise experience, it’s easy to see why Drip Audio artist Dixie’s Death Pool flies far under the radar. On a casual listen, it’s hard to grab a foothold on the complex, expansive sound collages Lee Hutzulak creates but when you [...]