Tor - Glass & Stone

Tor – Glass & Stone

Ever since we heard his rather impressive re-working of Sufjan Stevens’ material into the backing tracks for some of our favorite old school jams, we’ve always had a lot of time for Vancouver-based producer Tor. We’ve posted a couple of his tracks already, but now there’s news that Tor’s proper debut album is on the [...]

Japandroids - The House That Heaven Built

Japandroids – The House That Heaven Built

Oh hey, I know Mondays are super-exciting on their own, but would a new Japandroids track spice yours up a bit? I thought it might. Spoiler alert, it’s loud, and you will sing along. This is off their perfectly named new album, Celebration Rock, which will be out June 5th via Polyvinyl Record Co. (You [...]

Hey Ocean! - Big Blue Wave

Vancouver’s Hey Ocean! play the Seahorse tonight (with Aidan Knight), and if you’re looking to rock out with a cute band you could fill your boots at this show I’m thinking. Just look at this video for Big Blue Wave off their last EP: balloons, kids, young love, happy music times and Shad quietly reading [...]

Leisure Gang

Leisure Gang

Hey, going to SXSW?!?!?! Well we’re not, so skip the taco talk Chauncey. But we can still party on this Tuesday afternoon like we’re heading down south, with the assistance of new Sweatshop Union project Leisure Gang. This self-titled single is, like everything SU has done the last couple years, rather raucous and enjoyable, so keep your ear to the ground for the Gang’s debut EP next month. Or catch them at SXSW…I guess…if you’re into that kind of thing.

MP3:: Leisure Gang - Leisure Gang

Self Taught - Five Year Journey

Self Taught – Five Year Journey

When they sent me their new album, 5 Year Journey, it struck me that Vancouver hip hop outfit Self-Taught chose a very appropriate name for themselves. I’m sure it certainly describes how they learned their craft, but to me, it’s fitting because the guys that invented hip hop actually created this movement & music that [...]

Yukon Blonde - Stairway

Starting your Friday with a new Yukon Blonde song? Works for me. YB’s new album, Tiger Talk, comes out on March 20th, but you can OOOOooooOOOoooooOOOOOO along with new single Stairway right now.
MP3:: Yukon Blonde - Stairway

Young Liars - Colours (Teen Daze Remix)

Young Liars – Colours (Teen Daze Remix)

I’d been planning to post this song over the holidays, but it got lost in the shuffle. Anyhoo, better late than never I always seem forced to say, but it’s especially true when it pertains to an enjoyable remix like this one here, done by Teen Daze for Vancouver outfit Young Liars.
MP3:: Young Liars - Colours (Teen Daze Remix)

Quick Hitters:: mikedecline - Umbrellatons

Hey, remember when it used to relatively easy to find a “producer” album that didn’t exclusively feature “club bangers” that are filled with features from the current buzzworthy MC’s? Actually, many of you are likely young enough that you don’t remember such a thing, but in the late 90′s & early 00′s, there were albums [...]

Teen Daze - Surface

Teen Daze
Vancouver’s Teen Daze is releasing a new EP, A Silent Planet, on Waaga Records. Affix the cringe-inducing genre label of your choice to him, but it’s hard to deny the appeal of songs like this first single Surface.

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MP3:: Teen Daze - Surface

Quick Hitters:: The Autumn Portrait

Lookout, a cliche is about to drop, right about….now: if we just had a long weekend, why am I so tired, aren’t long weekends supposed to be relaxing? Am I right folks, are you with me on this one? No? Fair enough, but as trite as it is, it happens to be true. My brain [...]