Video hits

Video Hits:: Kalle Matson, Rich Aucoin & Ox

I know we’re only into the first week of December, but you know how nutty the holidays can get, what with all the merry-making and the eggnog and the various delicious liquors that go in the eggnog, so who knows if we’ll get another Video Hits posted this year. But I have to say, if [...]

Video Hits:: Timbuktu, Besque, Notes to Self & More

We’ve been neglecting the Video Hits around here, I think, because once again we’ve got a backlog of great videos, so let’s get a bunch posted. An just an FYI, this is an All-Canadian Hip Hop version of the Video Hits, so if you don’t like the hip hop, now would be the best time [...]

Video Hits:: Papermaps, Chris Page & The Happy Unfortunate

What’s this, a Monday Video Hits? Unheard of! It’s strange I know, but this was intended for last week until work decided to kick my ass on Thursday & Friday, and so Monday videos it is!   This is going to come as a surprise to roughly no one that reads the hill, but trying [...]

Video Hits:: HPX ’11 Edition!

Well we’re stubbornly continuing our attempt to post as many songs as we can from the roster of this year’s Halifax Pop Explosion, and so naturally we’re using our weekly Video Hits post to feature some of the folks playing the fest.   We’re leading off with NY’s The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, [...]