Miracle Fortress - Raw Spectacle

Goodness. Do I know exactly what is going on in this new video for “Raw Spectacle” from Miracle Fortress’ rather amazing Was I The Wave? No, no I do not, but I surmise that Graham Van Pelt, credited awesomely as “Fire Hands”, is on the run from some local thugs, likely due to his, uhhh, [...]

Ghettosocks, Muneshine, Timbuktu & Jeff Spec - The Mustard Station (feat. Moka Only)

Dunno about you, but I enjoy this playful, McEnroe-directed video for this classic, can-rap posse cut. And why wouldn’t I? I like all the MC’s featured here: Halifax Legend the Grand Wizard Ghettosocks, Toronto representatives Timbuktu and Muneshine, as well as Vancity’s Jeff Spec (the 4 of whom are reportedly working on a group project [...]

The Michael Parks - Ocean Ranger

We got sent this video from Andy Swan and The Michael Parks a little while ago, but I wanted to get it up today - on the 30th Anniversary of the Ocean Ranger disaster. The video is really well done, featuring a little puppet gent doing what I’m sure a lot of people have done [...]

Jenn Grant - Baby’s Been Away

It’s Valentines Day on the internet! But what chance does a little schmaltz-filled pseudo-holiday have of making it here on “the web” - the most outwardly cynical and downright hostile place there is? Like any good underdog, Cupid will get by with a little help from his friends. And his friends in this case are [...]

Wildlife - Sea Dreamer

I don’t know about you, but after a long hard Wednesday, there is only one thing that can soothe my savage beast of a soul: street gang-related hi-jinks. Luckily Wildlife has me covered with their new video for Sea Dreamer off of their amazingly well received last album, Strike Hard Young Diamond. The video features [...]

A Song About Falling Down Drunk At A Party

The end of the week has finally arrived, and I think we all want the same thing right about now: to watch a video of Old Man Luedecke playing a song in his bathtub. Well the folks at the very impressive Nova Scotia-based video site Analog Songs have you covered in fine style. So here’s [...]

Backburner - Heatwave (Video)

Well, it took a while to get reved up, but I think it’s safe to say that winter is well and truly upon us. This isn’t a huge deal, as I know our readers are a hearty folk, certainly capable of withstanding some snow, slush & frigid temps with good humour. But that’s not to [...]

Notes To Self - All of the Above

  This one here seems like a good choice to close out what was a fairly wacky winter week - out here in Halifax at least. The guys from T.O. hip hop outfit Notes To Self sent us their new video a few days ago, and it is pretty much, to use their own description, [...]

Video Hits:: Kalle Matson, Rich Aucoin & Ox

I know we’re only into the first week of December, but you know how nutty the holidays can get, what with all the merry-making and the eggnog and the various delicious liquors that go in the eggnog, so who knows if we’ll get another Video Hits posted this year. But I have to say, if [...]

Hollerado - Good Day at The Races

The hard-working lads in Hollerado are finally coming to Halifax this Friday night when they’ll be playing the Seahorse. Looks like there are still a few tickets left, so check them racing ostriches above, in their new video for Good Day at The Races, for the kind of action I’m assuming you’ll see at their [...]