Video Hits:: Timbuktu, Besque, Notes to Self & More

We’ve been neglecting the Video Hits around here, I think, because once again we’ve got a backlog of great videos, so let’s get a bunch posted. An just an FYI, this is an All-Canadian Hip Hop version of the Video Hits, so if you don’t like the hip hop, now would be the best time [...]

Video Hits:: Papermaps, Chris Page & The Happy Unfortunate

What’s this, a Monday Video Hits? Unheard of! It’s strange I know, but this was intended for last week until work decided to kick my ass on Thursday & Friday, and so Monday videos it is!   This is going to come as a surprise to roughly no one that reads the hill, but trying [...]

Video Hits:: Sloan, Little Foot Long Foot, Library Voices

Ahhh, well now, the summer is well and truly upon us (finally, amirite Halifax & area!), with the weather hot & sticky out here in Halifax for the last few days. Because the heat is now cranked to the gigawatts in so many places, I figured this week’s edition of the Video Hits should be [...]