Matters - Get In Or Get Out

News to me, but perhaps not to you, the D’Urbervilles are now Matters. Here’s a video from their new 7″: Web::

Ghettosocks on Voting

You need to vote, but Ghettosocks can certainly explain the reasons why better than we can, so click the vid and then mark the x on Monday.

Video Hits:: The Golden Dogs, Adam & The Amethysts, Germany Germany

It’s not only Thursday, but it’s the Thursday before the Easter long weekend so I could understand if you were expecting some kind of Easter-themed edition of the Video Hits this week. That’s certainly not what you are getting, but I could understand why you might have been expecting that. Instead we’re taking you back [...]

Video Hits:: You Say Party, Bravestation, Jon and Roy & James Irwin

Today’s edition of the Video Hits was intended to be back to the regular three video format, but due to a bit of news from Vancouver’s You Say Party, we’re back up to four videos. We’re leading off with YSP’s Lynch-esque video for “Laura Palmer’s Prom” after hearing the sad news that the band has [...]

Video:: Fight For Your Right - Revisited

In honour of the Ack’s birthday, here’s that Beastie Boys Trailer all the cool kids and rappin’ grampas like us are talking about. Happy Birthday Ack your future self has less hair, but is not an idiot.

Video Hits:: The Russian Futurists, Meligrove Band, Sun Wizard & Gramercy Riffs

It’s Thursday, so how about a serving of videos from your friends here at the hill? Upon going over the four videos I compiled for this edition of the Video Hits, it almost seems as though my subconscious was on the hunt for some peppy, spring-like music. Or maybe I just went with the videos [...]

Video Hits:: Honheehonhee, Dirty Beaches, White Wires & More

We missed the Video Hits last week, and as a result we’re bursting at the seams with video goodness. Specifically, we have a bunch of vids from what the majority of Canadians not from the Atlantic region refer to as “Eastern Canada”: Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto. So let’s do it.   One of my favorite [...]