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Music Submission Policy
Here’s your first step in this regard: read this post, which contains 5 helpful tips to help you with your music submission endeavors here at the hill. Quite honestly, that post encapsulates almost everything you need to know, but here’s the official line below.

Herohill is a Canadian based blog that focuses on Canadian music. Ninety-five percent of our reviews are Canadian, but we certainly accept submissions from acts from all over the world. We’d prefer to deal with bands on a 1:1 level, as we want to promote new acts, not the most popular.

In an attempt to save cash and lower the resources needed to send a piece of plastic, covered in more plastic, via the postal service for the chance to sit on our desk for a few weeks, we’d prefer to receive your music via email. Since most of the bands we cover are unsigned or small scale, we suggest using a free program like to save that disc for a fan or to put money in the gas tank after a show and not have to attach MP3s to an email.

We listen to a lot of the music we are sent, but prefer not to slag records. If you send us something, and we don’t talk about it in a timely fashion, feel free to follow up with us, but it likely means we probably didn’t fully enjoy the listen. Finally, like all reputable music blogs, we host songs here at the hill in an effort to introduce new music to our readers and to encourage them to buy music from the artists we cover. However, if you feel we have a song posted that we shouldn’t, there’s no need for the blown gasket, Charlie, simply email us and we’ll take it down.

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