Bottom line, you can get at us here:
But here's some Q&A; for the curious...
What is was started in our hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia. It's had many forms, but now it's a music site with a slice of witty banter on the side.

Where can you send us something to review?
We'll review anything. Send us an email at and we'll get you the address you need.

What's the name mean?
You could say it's an attempt to recognize the fact that all people have some degree heroism within themselves. You could say that but you'd be wrong, it's simply a cool name that we got from a Kung Fu movie.

Can my band or a band I'm promoting be your Band Of The Week and get the huge exposure that comes with that?
Sure. Send us the band or group's info, and some of their music for us to listen to. If we like them, then they're in. Simple as that.

Can I email Bryan directly?
Sure. You can get at the Ack here.

Can I email Shane directly?
Sure. You can holler at Naedoo here here.

** Please note: In a rather obvious attempt to try and reduce spam, you'll need to remove the "REMOVETHIS" from our email addresses.