Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quick Hitters:: D-Sisive - Anvil


That right there is my early front-runner for our 2010 artwork of the year award (which I will likely invent, just for this reason). We've been pretty unabashed in our appreciation for the moves D-Sisive has made in the last couple years (search D-Sisive on the hill to see what I mean), so any new material from him is greeted with open ears. We're even more eager to hear what D has to offer when it's something as interesting as his new single Anvil. Inspired by the unlikely combination of Anvil! The Story Of Anvil, a documentary about the forgotten Canadian metal legends of the same name (that I will now be watching in the near future), and the creepy goth-folk of duo Dead Man's Bones (one half of which happens to be Canadian actor Ryan Gosling), the song "is an updated 'Brian Wilson'" letting everyone know where D finds himself in 2010.

And where is D exactly? Well I think he's happy with the success and plaudits that have come his way in his home country since 2008, but he knows he's not going to retire on rap profits - and how long will he chase the dream? He promises not to turn out like the fellas in Anvil, still chasing the fame 25 years later. It's a great introspective track over a twinkling, piano-laced beat. More good stuff from D-Sisive, which isn't surprising at this point. C'maaan America. get on board!

MP3:: D-Sisive - Anvil
MYSPACE:: www.myspace.com/dsisive

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