Thursday, October 22, 2009

News:: Martha Wainright on Daytrotter

As usual, the title says it all. Martha Wainright stoppped by the Daytrotter studio and record a great littlse session. Highlight for me? How about an unreleased song that somehow feels tender and intimate, showcases her great voice and still surges like an anthem? Well my friends, that is exactly what you get when you hear So Hard. The version of Hearts Club Band is pretty amazing to, but she could sing the phonebook and I'd be happy and sway along.

Hopefully by now you realize how many great songs Daytrotter gives you for the low, low price of free so do them a solid and click a few of their adds to make sure they can keep delivering the goods.

MP3:: Martha Wainright - So Hard (live on Daytrotter)

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

File Under Awesome:: Malcolm Holcombe on Daytrotter

Noting else needs to be said. Malcolm Holcombe stopped by Daytrotter and played songs from Gamblin House. Yeah, that album that I gushed over last year and one that was followed up by the even stronger For the Mission Baby.

MP3:: Malcolm Holcombe - You Don't Come See Me Anymore
D/L:: Daytrotter

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Daytrotter:: Rural Alberta Advantage does Daytrotter!

Hot damn. Thank you Daytrotter. The RAA dropped in to record two new songs and rework two classics. So, make with the ole left click and head over to Daytrotter, peruse the ads and download tracks from the darlings of the Can-indie scene.

In all honesty though, Nils, Paul and Amy have been working hard to get their music out there and Hometowns (review) is well worth the duckets you should be shelling out to buy it if you haven't already.

This session is a treat for any fan. The mix on The Air is heavier and more muscular, In the Summertime benefits from some fantastic piano and you get a sneak preview of what the band has been working on over the last few months (the spare strums of Two Lovers and The Barnesyard both grab you fast and hold you tight).

MP3:: Rural Alberta Advantage - Barnesyard (Live @ Daytrotter)

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Monday, August 17, 2009

News:: Culture Reject does Daytrotter

I first heard about this session months ago, and kept waiting for Daytrotter to add it to the vault. Days turned into weeks, and I assumed there had been technical difficulties or something. Then again, it's not like the talents of Culture Reject - aka Michael O’Connell - are in high demand and I'm sure people were banging down the Daytrotter's cyber door for other sessions first.

You see, for all you non-Canadian readers, Culture Reject is sort of a cult hero up here. Those who know of his music love him - I thought his self-titled was the 11th best Canadian album last year - but that's the problem. I bet you about two of my friends actually know who he is. The way he makes odd noises into beautiful melody is amazing and even after the release of his fantastic self-titled LP he still plays to small crowds. Visionaries showered him with praise, but for newbies wondering about his sound should look no farther than the following quote from ChartAttack:
"Culture Reject would undoubtedly be the lovechild sprung from the joining of Miracle Fortress' FIVE ROSES and Chad VanGaalen's SKELLICONNECTION"

That's pretty high praise up here, but don't think Culture reject sounds anything like either act. Michael's use of looping techniques and World influence makes for one the most unique and compelling sounds I've heard for years and hopefully now that the good folks at Daytrotter are hosting a tight 4-song session, some of their shine will glow on Michael.

MP3:: Culture Reject - Beach (Daytrotter)

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Daytrotter:: Jolie Holland

Summer is finally here. Sure, it's mid-August, but better late than never. With the sum beating down and perspiration forming on the glasses of iced tea, this terrific Daytrotter session featuring my all time favorite female artist, Jolie Holland, fits the temperature and mood perfectly.

So head over and download the songs (mostly from her incredibly slept on release, The Living and the Dead - review) and click an ad or two to help the good folks at Daytrotter keep the free music coming.

I linked up the terrific version of Palmyra, but make sure you grab the A Crush in The Ghetto.

MP3:: Jolie Holland - Palmyra (Daytrotter)
SESSION:: Daytrotter

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Labor Days:: The Coast on Daytrotter

Wow. After last night's arrival, I'm inspired. Time for some soaring epics and that's what Toronto's The Coast is all about. Unfortunately, their last record - The Expatriate - never blew up like we thought it would but that's okay because the fine fellows at Daytrotter loved the Upper Canadian rockers enough to record a session.

All the track are from the latest long player, so head over and grab the songs and then pick up the record. Not only are they terrific, they are $free.99. It's easy like Sunday morning on this err, Sunday morning.

MP3:: The Coast - Play Me the Apostle (Daytrotter)


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Friday, July 17, 2009

Daytrotter:: The Handsome Family

The good folks at Daytrotter have done it again. A beautiful four song session with The Handsome Family. The songs are from the terrific Honey Moon (review here) and currently available from the nicest label in the biz - Mint Records. So head over to Daytrotter, download the songs, click some ads and then buy the record from Mint. Seems like a nice way to start your weekend.

MP3:: The Handsome Family - Darling, My Darling (Daytrotter)

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Friday, May 29, 2009

File under holy sh%t:: William Whitmore covers Bad Religion

Wow. I already love William Whitmore. I already love Daytrotter. I already love Bad Religion. Therefore, a combination of the three is probably the best thing you will stumble upon this Friday. How awesome is it that he leaves out a verse because the liner notes on Recipe for Hate are wrong? Classic.

I can't stress enough how great Daytrotter is, so please visit the site and click on as many ads as you can because they give these songs away for free. For those not in the know, basically artists show up and play stripped down takes on tracks and usually offer up a fantastic cover to add the cherry to the musical sundae. After starting out with a few small sessions, Daytrotter has grown and grown and started pulling in terrific musicians on a daily basis. You should be heading over there on a daily basis.

MP3:: William Whitmore - Don't Prey On Me (Bad Religion cover via Daytrotter)
SUPPORT DAYTROTTER:: Sign up and click on an ad or two

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